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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New floors = Gonna be gone a while! :)

I should start this post with an acknowledgment, I admit... I am terrible about blogging during the summer, I am sorry. The good news, school here starts a week from today! Once my summer schedule slows down I will have more time to blog. Until then I am actually writing to let all of my wonderful followers know that for the next couple of weeks I will be totally out of action. You see, we are going to start on a major (for us) remodel of my house. We are not adding any extra space :( But we do have to repair our kitchen floor due to a leak in our fridge. So while we have the floor torn up and we have a little extra money from some vacation time Stuart had to cash in, we are investing in our floors and walls, new paint in the kitchen and dining room, and we are getting rid of all of the carpet in the main areas of the house!!!

I am so excited, you see our carpets are 15 years old and were put in by the builder so were cheap to start with, in 15 years my poor carpets have withstood... 3 dogs (one with bladder problems when he broke his back) 5-7 cats (we are down to 5 now) two of my own children and dozens of daycare children. So as you can see my poor carpets have gotten a lot of use! Now it is time for a change and instead of putting new carpet in I have finally convinced my darling hubby to let me install laminate wood flooring! I put it in my sewing room and LOVE it!

So what that means is my entire house will be in disarray while we do the floors I expect that it will take us a couple of weekends to do. But while we have the floors up my computer will be down.

I promise I will take a ton of before and after pictures to show when I get back!

Wish us luck.


Barb said...

I know it will be alot of work but so worth it when it is done, you will be missed. looking forward to the pictures.

Jackie said...

We have a high grade Pergo in most of our house. There has not been a day I didn't love it and we've had it 6 years. The disarray will be worth it!

Ann said...

Good for you - I love my laminate in the kitchen! Can't convince my husband to replace the carpeting though - he likes to play with the dog on the floor!

jabeybaby said...

We put laminate floors in most of our house and it is so worth the effort! Good luck!

Karen E. Overton said...

You are going to love not having carpet. Much easier to care for and doesn't hold dust and allergy causing stuff (grin) Enjoy the process, even when it's messy - it's part of the journey!