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Monday, August 3, 2009


All reports of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated! LOL OK so not really I promise I am still alive! Although with temps well over 100 again today I wish I could just melt away like an ice cream cone on the sidewalk.

I feel terrible, it has been weeks since my last post an not a single picture to share, oh not that I haven't gotten anything done as a matter of fact I have been getting so much accomplished that I have let my poor little blog flounder like a fish in the desert sun! (did I mention it is hot here)

I have gotten more peppers pickled, who know that 4 little plants would produce that many peppers, and still growing! I have picked more than 50 and have at least that many more getting ripe on the plants!

I have been quilting too, I always imaged quilting to be a winter sport, but when it is hot enough to dry a pair of men's jeans in the shade on a laundry line in less than an hour, well it is to darn hot to do ANYTHING outside!

I have quilted and bound the quilt I made for my neighbor Carl, just have some thread trimming to do, I finished three more coffee quilts similar to the one on the top of my blog, will put them on the frame soon to quilt (since my work schedule is picking up again, I only have one more Friday off this summer!!! YEA)
I will be putting one of the coffee wall hangings in my Etsy shop when it is done...
I have also been sewing my daughters birthday quilt, it is my first attempt at applique! The quilt is wild and wacky high heel shoes, pictures soon on it as it is turning out really cute, just one more row to go.

And lastly I have begun work on a red, black and white king size quilt for my bed, it is unlike ANYTHING I have done before! Stay tuned for pictures of that one also.

Well, that was my quick post for today, I promise to return again soon, with pictures! (because we all know that pictures make a blog so much for fun)

Till I return, stay cool!


fancystitching said...

Glad to see you are back, Ginny... we've missed you! My, you HAVE been productive during this blogging absence!!


Shanna said...

cant wait for the coffee quilt to go in your etsy! I love it!! I love all things coffee. So much, i even worked at 2 local coffee houses at once for almost 2 years. Its a love that runs deep :)

sunshine said...

Welcome back Ginny! It's nice to see the familiar coffee fabric that also worked its way into my character quilt - have you seen it yet?


Jackie said...

You've certainly been very busy! I love the new blog look.

I hope you're staying cool! I wouldn't be spending a lot of time outside either!

free indeed said...

WElcome back! My, things have changed here and for the better! I too am keeping busy although our complaint is rain rain rain and cool temps...we should swap some sometime. Looks like we will have a few very decent days ahead. I'll be babysitting my 6 month old grandson off and on for two days while his mom has a minor surgery proceedure done. Love that cuddling! Any yes, we want pictures!!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

sheeesh I've been gone from blogging a whole lot longer than you...and I didn't accomplish anything near all the stuff you've been doing!!! And please send us some of your heat. We haven't even had summer here yet! Just rain, rain, and more rain...and nothing but spring temperatures!