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Monday, January 3, 2011

Another Christmas Come and Gone.

And I survived! Christmas in our house is always small, just Stuart the girls and I. We like it that way, we don't travel we don't have family over it is just us, I try not to go overboard with the gifts (we got rid of the credit cards about 5 years ago so overspending is never a temptation).

I took the week after Christmas off, this is the one week I take off every year, it is my time to recharge my batteries and just spend time on myself, this year I got a bit of quilting done, I spent a few days in my PJ's and went shopping with the girls one day (they just had to spend those gift cards!) and Wendi another. I went to the movies with Morgen and have decided that 3D movies make me sick, yep spent two days throwing up, not use if it was because of the 3D or the popcorn, I was a bad girl and ate about a cup of popcorn, yes I know better but really could not help myself!

On Friday Wendi and I took a short road trip to Prosser to a little quilt shop called The Sewing Basket, interesting little shop they have tons and tons of lovely fabric. I found several prints that I have searched for in the past but could not find because they are no longer made, well The Sewing Basket has them. The only down side to this wonderful little shop is the fact that they have TO MUCH FABRIC! Yep way to much, so much in fact that you could not see much of the fabric on the bottom shelves and it was hard to walk through there was so much stacked every where, two and three layers deep. I will have to thing long and hard before I make another trip to shop there again.

On Saturday, new years day Wendi and I did the Merry Mayhem/Planet Patchwork Mystery quilt. This was her first mystery and my second. It was fun and the little wall hanging turned out pretty cute, it was baskets, baskets are just not something that really thrill me so I was OK with the pattern but this is something that I would probably not make again unless it was for someone I REALLY like! LOL,This is Wendi's Mystery quilt, all in music themed fabric. I really like how hers turned out.

And mine, am not thrilled with mine. The mystery it's self is not to blame, it was really well done and the instructions were excellent, I just am not a fan of baskets.

Just before Christmas Wendi came over a put together a quick quilt for her youngest daughter. Kendra is 12 and LOVES Little Pets Shop pets, Wendi found this fabric a couple of months ago, I think the quilt is just darling.
Just a simple big huge piece of fabric, not pieced except the boarders. And then quilted with the same butterfly panto as I used on Alindseys quilt.

She used a pink minkee on the back, Kendra now says that ALL of her quilts need to have minkee backings. I tend to agree, I have said it before and will again, I love minkee for children's quilts. They have a nice weight to them and are so soft!

This is a little coffee quilt that I put together MONTHS ago, I finally took the time to quilt it. I have about 6 quilts that need quilted my goal in the next couple of weeks will be to get them on and off the frame before my machine goes in to have some work done on it, I will post pictures as I finish them.

This last one is of my Christmas quilt, I made it Thanksgiving weekend but did not get it quilted until after Christmas, I am very happy with the final product, this quilt came 100% out of my head! No pattern just an idea that I bounced off Stuart on day and he said do it! 12 hours later I had a top made and ornaments too. The ball ornaments were made using my Go circle cutter, each one has a pocket on the back for a sweet treat for the girls. There are also appliqued snow flakes, they were also cut on my Go.

So that was my Christmas vacation, very quilting just the way I like it!

Now for a sneak peek at what I will be making next...

Thanks for stopping by, hope that you all had a wonderful quilty holiday also,
Happy quilting,

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Tammy said...

You've been a very busy girl. Glad you got your week of down time, sounds like you needed it. Love all your work - beautiful as always!!