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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dreaming of Spring!

Thought I would pop in today with just a short little post to show off the two quilts I have been working on, both still need a final border, the black and purple get a black border and the yellow and purple still needs its final purple border. I will hope full get those one today or tomorrow. Then I start work on three new quilts, I have two that are Christmas presents, Yep not even pieced yet! And one more similar to the one below for Torrie's birthday.

I did something I don't usually do, I purchased a kit! I can honestly say that I will probably not ever do that again, I really liked the pattern, but after I got it home and looked closer at it I was rather disappointed with the pattern. It was very scant and not well written...

Once I got the entire quilt put together I also decided that I STRONGLY dislike the center panel, it is very green and does not blend or match well. Not something I would have picked for this quilt even though they are from the same line of fabric.
Here is a close look, I just think it is very jarring, so I went to the store yesterday and picked another pansy fabric. Took the quilt apart last night and will re do the center this week too. I will show the final results when I am done.

The other fun little quilt I did this week is my Falcons Drunkards path! I cut this entirely on my Accuquilt GO, I was thrilled with how easily it went together and how well all of my seams lined up! This picture is only half of the quilt as I did not have space to take pictures of the whole thing!

And a close up, I guess I am feeling the need for spring as the focus fabric on both of these quilts is Purple pansies!

Well that was it just a bit of show and tell.

Dreaming of Spring!

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Barb said...

Those purple fabrics are both quilts....and will look forward to your revised version of the first.