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Friday, January 21, 2011

Big Changes for my Longarm!

Thank you all so much for your input on the Pansy quilt, I kept it at option A. I got it quilted last weekend, plus I finished Torrie's birthday quilt. Both turned out really well, I will post pictures later this weekend while Torrie is at work (need to take pictures when she can't see)

I am happy I got both quilted because officially as of today I am quilt machine-less :( Well that is really a :)
You see, I have been saving my paychecks for a while in order to send my machine in for a bit of an upgrade and retrofit, Stuart and I got to talking and we decided that while the machine is in for servicing I should have a stitch regulator installed!!! So I gave Jennifer a call and ordered the full package. Today was the day, I wrapped and taped and bubble wrapped and in the box it went then off to Fed-ex and away it shipped. I figure I will be machine-less for at least a month maybe a little more I will find out for sure next week.

Until then I have 4 quilts to bind, and a huge mess in my sewing room to clean up. I also have my business taxes to do and I have my daycare license renewal coming up, so really this was the best time to send my darling off to be worked over. Doesn't mean I won't miss it and I am really excited about getting it back!

Well, that's all for tonight, I will post pictures of Torrie's quilt very soon!
Happy quilting,

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