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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Girls are here and having fun!

I can hardly believe that my first day with Jackie and Lauren is almost over! We had so much fun today, these two girls are GREAT! They were up early even after a late night when they arrived, they were stunned at the cold, it was about 10 degrees out when they got off the plane, they are not use to that kind of cold! We spent the day baking Christmas cookies, laughing and chatting about family, All in all it was a great day, they are curled up on the couch with Torrie and Morgen watching Get Smart, BTW, Funny movie!

So, one of the things we decided when the girls got here was since it is so cold they could use their quilts, I let them open them. They were really happy with them!

Check it out....

They really are the sweetest girls!

Well, that's it for about now, I just wanted to share our fun.

I will post again later in the week.

Till then, be safe and have a wonderful week.


Oh, and Sheri, Hint taken, what is your favorite color? And, Funky for Conservative?

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Hey Ginny
Thanks for the note - made me smile really fact, I am still smiling as I type this.
Have you ever known me to be conservative??? So the funkier the better and that goes for the colors as well.
Love to all of you guys...have a great time with your nieces.