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Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Fun! Hot Tubbin in the Snow!

I am amazed at how tired I am! But happy oh so happy! I had the best visit with my nieces and my sister!
I have to start with the nieces, they are wonderful young ladies, we had a blast, we baked and made candy, (think I mentioned that before) anyhow, we had a huge amount of snow while they were here so were home bound for a couple of days, then of Friday the weather cleared and the roads were good, so we made a trip to the mall, hung out for a while, did a last little bit of shopping, had a nice dinner.
Then on the way out we passed a dress store, the kind of store that sells formal wear, so we went in, just to look at the pretties, well turns out they were going out of business, All the dresses (I am talking price ranges between $150 - $200 each) were $20 each, Oh and a buy two get one free! Well, with three high school girls and proms coming up this spring... we went shopping, by the time we got done each girl had 2 dresses each (averages out to $13 each!) I was so excited about our super find! And the girls are beautiful!!!
From left to right, Torrie, Jacki and Lauren. Are they not the most beautiful girls! They are all within 6 months of each other in age more like having a week long slumber party at our house than having family!
This time, Lauren, Jacki and Torrie, I almost cried when I saw Jacki in her dress, it was amazing! It has butterflies embroidered across the top and up the side closest to Torrie. Torrie's dress was pretty awesome too, I could picture her getting married in something like it.
OK so the rest of the pictures are a little bit different, I have to tell you that you may not want to look as it show me in a bathing suit, and that is NEVER a pretty sight! The picture below is of all of us girls in out hot tub, it was 9 degrees out, COLD! So cold in fact that we have to wear hats because the steam goes up then freezes and lands back on your head! By the time we got out our funny blue hats were coated in ice! Then to make matters worse it was snowing HARD! But if you have never been in a hot tub in the snow and cold, there is nothing else in this world like it!

So, after we soaked for a while the kids got the brilliant idea to go run around in the freezing and the snow! It is a rather strange sensation, you are still steamy warm from the water, but you feet are super cold, and it feels wonderful when you fling you self back in the water. Then they decided to make snow angels..... I will not share all of the pictures, but this one of Morgen making her snow angel should give you an idea of how nuts these kids were.... Make me cold just looking at it!

At this point we had gotten about 10 inches of snow, as you can see. My sister was afraid she would not be able to travel to my Moms for the rest of their vacation. But the snow let up long enough for then to be able to leave this morning and travel across the mountain passes, it sounded like a long dicey trip but they made it late this afternoon.

All in all it has been a wonderful week bonding and visiting and giggling and so much fun! Now I am off to finish off my Christmas sewing I have to finish up the two purses I am giving.
So I will sign off wishing you a warm and safe holiday, I will post again after Christmas.

A Very Merry Christmas To All.



Kay said...

What a fantastic deal on the dresses! Not very often you come across such spectacular savings like that. And what fun with the hot tub and snow! Cherish those great family times and I envy you and your hot tub fun.

Vicki said...

What fun! I'd love to be entered in your purse drawing. I'd also love to make some for my friends if you don't mind sharing where you got the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Your purses are darling. What pattern did you use?

Sandi in California