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Friday, December 5, 2008

A walk down memory lane

What a busy week! It started out with taking my quilting frame into the shop since we cannot seem to find why it is breaking threads all the time and several other problems. So off to the shop it went. (I am going to omit the horrible story of Rachel throwing up all over herself and the car on the way to the shop!)

I did manage go get Jackie's quilt top done this week, so now I have 3 quilt tops done and quilting machine in the shop. Oh and the girls will be here on the 16th, YIKES

I will put up a picture of Jackie's quilt soon, I did the purple and it is Wonderful!

Well the good news, I got the machine back today, and it tested fine at the shop, I will be putting it on the frame later tonight and doing a test piece.

So, having gotten almost nothing productive done this week sewing wise I thought I would take a walk down memory lane and share some of my favorite quilts I have made. Most were done this year with a couple of exceptions.

So sit back relax and enjoy!

This quilt was one of the first quilts we did when we were starting to teach our Girl Scout troop how to sew and quilt, this was a fun quilt, all of the snowflakes are actually the names of the girls in the troop, I took me ages to digitize and embroider all of the names, but it turned out wonderful. This quilt and the next two were donated by our girls to Project Linus.

Much like the quilt above, this one was made by the girls in our troop, this one as you can see had a space theme. my favorite part was the back, check out down below!

This is the back, I love it!
This quilt was also fun as each square is a heart, and each heart is very different from its neighbor.These are the girls from our troop, they each made a quilt to donate to Project Linus this last year. And I am happy to say that they voted a couple of weeks ago and have decided that they would like to make quilts again this year as their community service project. GO GIRLS!

The Lone Star was one of the first patterns I ever made, I love this quilt, so much so that I made two at the same time, they are twins, one live here in Washington with my daughter, the other with our friend Adam who now lives in Tennessee. The funny thing about this quilt,I found it really easy to do, it was about a year later that I found out that Lone Stars are suppose to be hard to do! Go figure! Now, one of these days I am going to tackle a Broken Lone Star... OH I do love those too!
This is the King size quilt I made for my husband, his Trip Around The World. After making this quilt, I told him I would never do another king size quilt on a table top machine again! I hurt for 3 days afterword!
This was a little quilt I made for one of my old daycare children, Little Ella, I loved Ella and was heartbroken when Dad got a job on the other side of the state. I made her this little fishy quilt for her to remember me by.
This is Morgen's Orange Peel quilt. So pretty and heavy, I would never have imagined that flannel batting could weight so much, the fun bit about this quilt, it was quilt as you go. And self finishing and NO BINDING! I can point you to where I got the pattern. It was only $5.00 and worth every cent!

This was Morgen's quilt for her 13th birthday, I love bright colors and black backgrounds! I don't think she was quite awake yet in this picture!
Another Lone Star, this was a gift for our Girl Scout leader Michelle. See I don't always do blue!

A small Trip Around the World for my sister Kelli. She told me she love mossy green, I also love green but never seem to make green quilts. Hmm sounds like a New Years resolution, do one green quilt in 2009

This quilt was my daughter Torrie's 14th birthday present. I liked it so much that I made a wall hanging too! These two pattern are from Eleanor Burns Still Stripping After 25 Years book, Great book worth every having in your library!

Only 3 more pictures to go, thanks for hanging in this long! This quilt I made for ME! Then when I got done, I hated it, Oh I love purple and love the layout, but for some reason this quilt was just UGG to me. When my friend Wanda saw it she loved it! So I sent it home with here, there it gets all of the love and affection it deserves.
This is my Dad's quilt, I have shown it before in my blog and it proudly resides at the top of my blog. I love this quilt, I had a really hard time giving this one up, it was such a labor of love. And I will probably never do another like it, but you never know, I might! BTW, this pattern was one I found on another blog. If you are interested, please check out Rachel's tutorial on her blog! Here is the link.

And last but not least! This is my favorite quilt. I tried to teach myself log cabin, I was almost successful too! Why do you ask do I love this quilt? Well I love how bright and cheery it is. I based the entire quilt on the little black center and the black sashing, I loved the black with the colorful rings all over. I had had that fabric for years. (BTW If you ever see a bolt of it laying around please let me know I would LOVE to find more!) The colors on the black and just had to reflect them in the log cabin. The funnest part, I machine embroidered hot air balloons on each square in a rainbow variegated thread (they don't show in the picture) and the backing for this quilt is rainbow hot air balloons. I also had fun with the decorative stitches on my machine and each log cabin is quilted with a different stitch. Yea, I love this quilt.Well that's it that's all I have for you today.
Thank you for joining me on my walk, it was fun and lifted my spirits!
Have a wonderful day and an even better weekend.


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