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Friday, October 15, 2010

And the Winners Are....

Congratulations to....

Brittainy!! Britt is the winner of the 3 Accuquilt Go dies. I am so thrilled that she won, check out her wonderful blog HERE. Britt is Mommy to an adorable 4 month old baby boy, and even cooler she is stationed here in Washington,(Air Force) just a short distance from where I grew up, best of all, she just recently ordered the Baby Go, and as the Baby does not come with any dies this is PERFECT for her! Again, Congratulations Brittainy!

The Charm Pack winner is one lucky woman. Matter of fact I ask Shelley if she would come for a visit so I could get a little of her luck, you see not only is Shelley a 2nd time winner on my blog, yep she actually won my VERY 1st give away ever! Shelley has been a reader for a long time. The coolest thing, she just won a Go cutter too, yea I need her luck! LOL bet she wished that she had chosen the dies now ;) (oh and a side not to Shelley, the charm pack is all three stacks, I just wanted to show a variety of the fabrics that is why I had three stacks.)

So congratulations to my winners, Thank you all so very much for visiting my blog and entering, I do and did read every comment, sadly I rarely have time to respond to all the messages, I bow down those those amazing bloggers that do!

Oh I also wanted to share the final name of the quilt that is being donated to the Cancer Center, OK well the 2 quilts actually, you see I decided to donate both the bright one and the pastel one...

The final name for the bright batik quilt is A Dream of Flutterbys. My husband came up with the name. Yes he really is a romantic that and I have for years referred to butterflies as flutterbys. I like it and think it is pretty.
The pastel batik quilt is being called Las Mariposas, that translates to "The Butterflies" So there you have it, winners picked, quilts named, and I am kitty sitting tomorrow so Darlene can have a day off, it has been a full week!

Have a lovely and quilty weekend,


free indeed said...

Thanks Ginny! I'm always happy to win ANYTHING!!! I did all the Fall into Fall sites and I didn't win a thing this year...hard to believe...and yes, if I had that cutter when you announced the giveaway, I would have chosen the dies :) Maybe next time...:) Keep up the fun to follow blog! And I'll be following closely if you have any tips and projects using your GO!

free indeed said...

Ginny Ginny! My overflowing prize box arrived today!!! THank you! I am so happy to have the snowflakes and already backed too! I have always wanted to do fusible applique, but never quite knew what fusible to use; there are so many on the market and I'm so limited locally. Now's the time to overcome that little hurdle! The extra fabs for 'filler' and the tootsie rolls (one of my favorite'd you know?) are appreciated so much too. Your giveaways are always so awesome!
No sign of my GO yet; I'm anxiously awaiting that.
Looks like you and yours had a great day in the pumpkin patch! I love pumpkins....such happy fellows...
Again thank you so much!