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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TheTale of 5 Little Kittens. A Rescue....

It is no secret that I am a cat lover, I know I post a lot of pictures of the Pooch but that is because he is a total camera hog! I do in fact have 5, yep 5 cats.. and I love them all!

This is Bambi, she is actually Torrie's cat. She is old, mean, and as you can tell by the look on her face she does not really like me. She really is Torrie's cat! We adopted her from the humane society when she was just a kitten.

This is Jack, he is our youngest cat, he just turned 4 in June. Jack was part of a litter that we had from a rescued cat. As soon as the kittens were born and it was safe to have her fixed we spayed the Mama and found her a good home. We ended up keeping a couple of the kittens.

This is Groucho, the oldest of the "Kittens" he is MY baby, he loves me, sleeps with me (as in under the covers) and use to shower with me until someone tipped him off that cats are not supposed to like water!
This is Mittens, our second oldest cat, she is Morgen's but really she is her own person. She likes to be outside a lot and only comes in to eat get a bit of love then back out to the back yard she goes. She was also a rescue cat.This is Lucky our newest addition, He was dumped in our neighborhood, got stuck under our house for two weeks, we got him out, called animal control to come get him (I CANNOT have 5 cats!!!) They took him to a KILL Shelter, we got him back! OK so maybe I CAN have 5 cats! Lucky has been with us for 2 years exactly. He was very very skittish and he only sits on my lap, he runs from every one else. He is the biggest love bug!

What may you ask does this have to do with anything... it leads me to a situation that totally and completely PISSES me off! Yep I swore on my blog!

3 weeks ago I get a phone call from one of Morgen's friend Cassy. Cassy and her Mom Darlene were asking for help with some kittens they rescued. They have never rescued cats before and needed serious help!

5 baby kittens about 2 weeks old were left at a bus stop in a box, the little girl that found them ask her dad if they could save them, he said NO and put them out in the woods to die. Darlene and Cassy found out and rescued them. I have been helping out ever since. Here is there story in pictures....
Three days after rescue and 1st trip to vet, vet verified age at approximately 2 weeks. Treated with antibiotics and flea meds as they were infested!

Darlene has put her life on hold, she feeds all 5 with syringe and then uses a cloth to wipe bottoms to stimulated bowel movements, she does this every two and a half hours!

At first Weigh in 5 days after rescue weights range from 7 oz. to 11 oz. Yes they are that small.

And they will all need a home! Our local rescue groups have been almost no help.

Week 2 of the kitten rescue had its Ups and Downs...

Feeling safe and secure in "Mommy's loving arms"

Often this is how they sleep, the good thing about it, these little guys will be VERY people friendly!

Almost lost two kittens this week, another trip to the Vet, they offered to put two of them down. Darlene declined and worked even harder. This in Monty, he was one of the two that they did not think would survive!

Week 2 Weigh in... They ALL weighted within ounces of each other! All were right at 18 oz.! in one week they doubled in size!

Kitten Rescue Week 3! So the little guys came over to play today! Look at how they have grown, They got to explore on the table because the Pooch thinks they are squeaky toys!
This is a good picture of "Mama Kitty" it is so sweet to see the kittens, if they are on the floor and she speaks, all five little heads swivel to look at Mama! She should be so very proud she has done a wonderful job with them all!

The weekly weigh in.... 23 - 24.9 oz. and yes I use my weight watchers scale, it works really really well.

Their personalities are really starting to show... plus he did not like the bright flash, they all had a blast with the fall decorations and the quilting materials!

Except J.J. She was learning by osmosis!


Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!

If you live locally (I know I have some local readers) Please consider for a moment helping Darlene and her family. Not financially but if you know someone who might be able or willing to adopt one the these lovely little creatures it would be a huge help. They are currently 5 weeks old and will be ready for a new home in about 3 weeks. The family has decided to keep one of the kittens (they currently have 2 adult cats in the home) So they still need homes for 4 of the kids!

Thank you for hanging in so long!
Happy Quilting,


Lisa said...

Ahhhh, such cute kitties!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

They are sooo cute.

Tammy said...

Oh so adorable and so wonderful of her to save them - y'all are the bomb for what you've done. Since I'm local, I begged the hubs and he said NO - dang it. Oy vey I want one, even though I have 2 already.

Ginny said...

Your REALLY need a kitten! Just smuggle the little guy in, hubby will never notice... well maybe he will but his heart will melt! If you look at the pictures, the one with Cassy holding the big eyed kitten, that is Sparrow, he is just the biggest snuggler and sweety. If I could have 6 cats he is who I would choose!

SewCalGal said...

So very cute. Thank you for adopting these cute little guys. I do so hope next year you'l take photographs of them on your quilts and enter them in my Pets on Quilts Show. I think they'd make great models on your beautiful quilts!