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Monday, October 4, 2010

Help Me Name a Special Quilt PLEASE!

You all might have noticed that I changed the quilt picture at the top of my blog, it is no longer Magic Hour. I changed it to (gosh this quilt don't have a name! HELP it needs a name!!!) OK back to what I was rambling about, So I changed the picture because I LOVE this quilt it is probably the most "me" quilt I have ever made... and I am giving it away... WELL, not just giving it away.... You see the story goes like this, I am part of our area guild but not really I have never been to a meeting, I do however get the emails they send out and the other day they send this....

Good evening quilters …

This evening I had a call from a volunteer for the Cancer Center. She graciously asked if we would be willing to donate a quilt or two to be auctioned at their November 13 fund raiser. I told her that time was her biggest enemy, but that we have supported the Cancer Center in the past and might be willing to help out.

She understands the time constraint (I think). She indicates that a large bed-size quilt, although a nice option, would not be necessary – a throw or even a wall hanging would be acceptable. It (they) should a quilt(s) that would attract bidders, though.

Do any of you individually or in your friendship groups have interest to make a quilt for this event? Please respond back to me this week if you do. As you know, I will be out of the country for two weeks, so I very much need to hand this off to someone else (volunteer???).

Well, I responded back with pictures of both the pastel and the bright batik quilts I had just finished, I offered one of them and let them choose which one... they chose the bright one. Now let me say we have a fairly large and active guild, they had many many people offer quilts.

Mine was one of 3 chosen!!! I was thrilled, I mean here I am giving away one of my all time favorite quilts and I feel like I won the lottery! Plus I am thrilled to be able to help out such a great cause!

So the lady from the Cancer Center will be here next week to pick up the quilt, I am going to make a label for it just stating the maker (me) and the date, I would also like to add the quilt name so PLEASE help me out and suggest names! If you want to see more pictures and a close up of the quilting just click the link.

Well that's all for today,

Thanks for stopping by!



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I think a name that fits is "Hope out of the darkness"!

free indeed said...

I like that name golden angel...good thinking! And Ginny, kuddos to you for your generousity!

Bonnie said...

Wow that has to be hard to give it away. But what an awesome thing to do. I can't help you with a name but I am curious as to what size blocks you used in the 4 patches.

Ginny said...

The blocks are cut at 5" I used the Timeless Treasures treat squares..

Each square is 10" The pattern came out of the book
David & Charles Books - Layer Cake, Jelly Roll And Charm Quilts.

SewLindaAnn said...

Star Bright (Lighting the Way)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

It's very generous of you to donate a quilt that is so much you.

I absolutely LOVE this quilt. It is so me :) I like the names that have been suggested so far. I'm horrible with names.

Each time I come back to look at this quilt in your heading I see floating squares (the 4 patches).