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Friday, October 1, 2010

September part 2

Getting closer! So another cool story that I have to share, about 2 and a half weeks ago I get this phone call from a nice lady named Stacey, she got my number from the shop that I rent time on their big frame... any how, she is a first time quilter, and this is her very first quilt. She made it for her brothers wedding. So she calls me and asks if I can quilt it for her, here is the catch. She is leaving for the wedding in 4 days! Well, I have her bring it over and we look at it, choose a panto and away I go, of course the first thing that happens is my machine starts acting up.. so I have hubby look at machine and retime it the next morning, I work on it that evening as soon as I got of work.. and my 11 that night was done! I was mostly happy with the quilting, I did have one small gap between rows that I just did not have time to fix, of course that would be the gap in the picture. Most importantly, she was happy with the quilt, she got it back in time to bind it and she made it to the wedding gift finished!
It was a very very cute quilt, using coffee fabric and music notes. We used the Hearts a Flutter panto, which was perfect for a wedding quilt.

This guys was pretty good sized, a small queen size as it FILLED my frame... I am seriously considering saving up for a king size frame.. I think it is just about time.

This is the back, again the music notes. The back was flannel, and NONE of the fabrics had been prewashed, I did warn her to expect shrinkage! I was a little disappointed in the people who taught the class she was taking, they did not tell her that cotton and flannel shrink at different rates, and she pieced with both.

So on to one of my favorite quilts this month.. this was made by my very dear friend @#&%*...that is her name in symbols because she needs to remain nameless, as do the characters in the quilt.. the reason, this quilt is for her super computer savvy son and she does not want him to see it if he does a search... so this is really really hush hush! Oh and it is his birthday present! Is this not one of the coolest quilts, @#&%* plotted it out on graph paper, then cut and sewed it, each block is a 2" square!
Here is a better picture! My friend (as seen in the red) is roughly 5'6" This was a big quilt, some details... each "pixel" is a 2" block, I have forgotten how may but there were a LOT, each color was quilted using matching thread.. the light blue was quilted with rainbow stars... guess that's part of the game, the buttons are spiraled, and she may attach real yellow buttons, the brown bricks are quilted using a brick template so they look like little brick walls... And there are two pillows done the same with with mushrooms! gosh what else am I forgetting... Oh the son is a HUGE fan

I think @#&%* did a WONDERFUL job, especially since she quilted the whole thing herself!

Still have more to post so hang on tight, plus in just a few more posts I will announce a new give away.. kind of a getting back in the swing of things deal.

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