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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have a house full! In my house resides... 1 husband Stuart, 2 daughters Torrie and Morgen, 1 Mom, ME! An entire daycare of children, 4 1/2 very spoiled cats Bambi, Mittens Groucho and Jack (don't ask about the 1/2 a cat) and I have a dog, not just a dog, but a Scoochy. You see Scoochy is my son, at least he thinks he is. He is the most spoiled creature in this house! He goes almost every where with us, and on those times we need to leave him at home, he sulks, then he gets into every thing! his latest trick, he has learned how to push out a chair and get up on the dining room table. The other day it was 4 Costco muffins. Today Scoochy and Groucho decided they needed to check out the new kitty toys I had gotten... I walked out of the room and when I came back in, this is what I saw.....and you know from the look on his face he knew he was BUSTED!!!! So after I got the dog off the table, and put the toy back in the red box, Groucho oh wait let me tell you about Groucho, he is MY cat or maybe that should be I am HIS people, he loves me, more that he loves anybody. I was there the moment he was born, I got to hold him just seconds into his life as momma kitty was having difficulties with the birth. Groucho follows me around like a puppy, he goes on walks with me, he use to shower with me, he still sits outside of the shower to make sure I have not drowned. And funniest of all, he sleeps with me, not just on the bed or on my pillow, but he crawls under the covers and curls up and rest his head on my tummy. Yep he is my baby! Both of my boys wrestle each other for my attentions. So after I got the dog off the table, and put the toy back in the box, Groucho decided he was not done playing and was not getting off the table thank you very much...I call this picture

OK so I have babbled enough about my animals, the other little bit I wanted to share, Fall is in the air, I love fall it is so beautiful and crisp! I love spring, it's my favorite and I like the heat of summer, but fall is my second favorite! (I could so do with out winter) Fall is my second favorite only because it leads into winter :( But I thought I would share the view out my front door, I open the door and step out and this is what I see.... Are they not the prettiest colors just now! I know in a couple of weeks they will be bare and icky but today they are just lovely!
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