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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Is What 21 Blankets of Love Look Like!

As the title says, this is what 21 Blankets of Love look like! I wanted to share a quick peek before they went in the mail. I would still encourage everyone to please take a few minutes and check out Karen's blog and see what a wonderful thing she is doing by getting these quilts out to the folks who desperately need them! There a wonderful story of quilts they donated to a family from a local restaurant!

I also ask that if you have a few hours, and a couple of yards of flannel please make a rag quilt to send, if you don't want to do a flannel quilt and happen to have an extra quilt or two laying around not sure what to do with it. Send it to Karen she will find a good home for your unwanted quilts!!! There is still such a huge need!

So we have sent the first 21, I have 10 more cut and 10-12 more partially cut, I will finish cutting today and start sewing Friday, by Sunday evening I should have most of them sewn. So hoping to get another batch out in the mail with in about 2 weeks!

(note to Karen, I sent them UPS this morning, you will get them Monday the 27th, I will email you the tracking number)

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CraftyMrsK said...

Wow! I haven't made that many quilt tops in my life, let alone in a couple of weeks! I think it's awesome that you are making them for such a great cause too. How in the world do you make time to sew so much?

Ginny said...

LOL, MrsK, Thank you for the comment! I will email this to you also, but let me explain HOW I can do so many quilts in such a short time, I cheat! By definition these are not truely quilts but blankets as there is no third layer, they do not have a batting. And are not "quilted" as such. Also these are pretty small they are 36x48 inches, think crib size, they are perfect for children or lap quilts.
The other cheat, Big blocks and little blocks, I am only sewing 36 seams, and most of those are 7-12 inches, so it makes it go very quickly. Plus after you have done a dozen or so, well you don't have to think at all just push the material through!
As for time, well Mom to to busy girls does not leave a lot of time, but thankfully both of my girls like to hang out with me in my sewing room so we spend a lot of good family time sewing. Poor hubby hates it, he gets to watch what ever he wants on tv with out our girly chatter in the background! LOL