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Monday, October 6, 2008

Blankets of Love Phase 2 Quilts for Galveston


Well, we are moving on with Blankets of Love. Torrie is ready to sew again and I am too.We watched hurricane Ike come ashore and cried to see the devastation afterward. But to my dismay I have not seen the help and kindness to the folks of Galveston like we saw for Katrina.

I kept waiting to see quilter band together to help out these people who lost so much... still nothing.
So I guess I will be an instigator, and with that enters Blankets of Love, my challenge...

If Torrie can make 51 quilts in 6 weeks to donate to children in need, how many can WE make in two weeks, two of us working together, and any other quilters that want to join in.
We are making simple rag quilts (here are two really good sites with step by step instructions for how to make a rag quilt, one quilt has big and small blocks, the other just small blocks, we love both) and
Once you get your quilt made, either contact me or Karen Overton through her blog ( ) or her email ( )
Karen has agreed to make sure that the quilts we send will make it into the hands of those in need.

Thank you so much Karen!!!

So Please Please Please take a few hours, and (roughly 3 1/2) yards of Flannel and sew up a quilt, drop it in the mail, make a difference in a child's life, make a Blanket of Love... Thank you.

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Karen E. Overton said...

Thank you Ginny & Torrie for heading up this project! As you stated, to my knowledge, there hasn't been an outpouring of the offerings of quilts to this hard hit area of Galveston County. I do remember, in the past, many of our quilters working diligently on quilts for Katrina and now we find ourselves in need. Many of our faithful charity quilt makers have themselves lost everything to Ike. Two of our local quilt shops remained temp. closed due to damages. I urge you as fellow lovers of the passion, share your joy by offering blankets of love, or as I have referred to them, quilts of hope to folks down here in the Texas Gulf Coast. May God richly bless you in your efforts. Thank you in advance karen O in Texas