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Sunday, October 19, 2008

What a crazy crazy week!

Wow, I was overwhelmed at the wonderful response we received about Torrie's interview. Thank you to every one who wrote to say how wonderful she is, yep she is pretty wonderful and I couldn't be more proud. I have tried very hard to instill a sense of generosity to others in my children and is seems to have worked!
So on to other things! This has been a very busy week. I didn't get to go out to my quilting room much this week as we were back and forth to the middle school for Morgen's play. Then on Wednesday night we got to be the first to see the middle school performance of Holes. They did very well! I was pleasantly surprised since they had auditions only 7 weeks ago!

The busiest couple of days were Saturday and today. Let me tell you about my Saturday!

We got up early as Stuart had a Dr. appointment, Torrie, Morgen and I were due at the funeral home by 10 am for our neighbors funeral, it was a lovely service and I am very glad we went, we did not know Mar well, but we are very fond of her husband Carl. It was important to us to be there to support him in his time of grief.
Then as soon as the service was over, off we rushed to a two hour girl scout meeting, got that done, had just enough time to order pizza, and get Morgen out the door for Saturdays play. While all of that was going on Torrie's friend Julia was dropped off to get ready for homecoming.. then we started on hair and makeup (I am not being allowed to show the "in progress" pictures) :( Got the girls all dolled up, dropped them off at the dance, picked up Morgen, watched a movie, and then picked Torrie up from the dance at 11 p.m.... Got to bed at about midnight after getting all of the dance details!

Up early this morning, coffee and a muffin, out the door and off to the Pumpkin patch, we have learned the only sane time to go is early Sunday or the crowd there is horrible, we had a wonderful time! Check out the pictures!

Julia and Torrie, all decked out and ready for the dance.

Torrie looking pretty! (thinking will you just hurry up and take the picture!)

Our day at the Pumpkin Patch! We go every year and it is always so much fun! Here is Morgen on the hay ride out to the patch! Stuart looks like he found his "perfect pumpkin"I love this picture of Morgen! She is still looking for her "perfect pumpkin" she found it, then lost it so had to find another! Would you look at the Color! Torrie with her "perfect pumpkin" all 36 lbs!!! that baby was heavy! Whew, Morgen found another "perfect pumpkin" yea!!!! She looks so happy!
Dads came in second biggest at 31 pounds, doesn't he look proud! BTW, the dirty pumpkin is Mine, it is the "perfect pumpkin"

Just like the big sister, make little sis do all the work!

Touch Down!

Well, that was our weekend! We had a little bit of every thing, a big of sorrow and bit of joy. We had family and friends and good neighbors. We spend time together, time apart, we discovered new things, and revisited old traditions. All in all, it was a good weekend, ones like this don't happen often and I cherish days like today. Thank you for stopping by and sharing our weekend with us. I hope I was able to put some of our love into your heart.


The Hildreth Family

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