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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Coolest News!!! (Part one)

OK so if you read my blog you will know that Torrie, Morgen and I are very actively involved in Girl Scouts and that Torrie spent a good bit of her summer making quilts to donate to children in need. Well, she donated the quilts and it was amazing the response. Our favorite place was the Migrant Farm Workers Council, this a state funded facility that provides child care for the children of the migrant farm workers, we arrived to drop off the quilts and Estella the director took us on a tour of the facility and gave us a great deal of information about their services. They provide care for any where from 85 -200 families a month depending on the crops that are in season. They actually chose to not "give" each child a quilt to keep but to use at the center and then when that child moves on they wash and reuse the quilts. To me that says a lot about the need of this group. The neatest part of the whole tour what when we went into the 4 and 5 year old class, she showed the children the quilts and this was the response.....

The Children were so excited it was pretty wonderful!

One of the other organizations that she donated to was a local hospital, Lourdes Medical Center. She was told up front that they could not give the quilts to children, but they could auction them off and Torrie could choose where the monies went. Torrie donated her 5 most beautiful quilts to be auctioned with the money going to the Peds unit. The people at Lourdes were so impressed with her quilts they actually sent out a press release. Of course our local paper never ran the story because as you know "bad new sell papers not good news". So we figured that was the end of that. Now... if you want to know the rest of the story (thanks Paul Harvey) you will have to check in for part two...

I will post that in a bit!


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sue said...

well done, torrie, it is good to see some positive spin on the youth of today
Fromm a pensioner in the UK