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Monday, November 24, 2008

Another busy weekend and I need YOUR help!

As the title says another busy weekend come and gone, I could say I didn't get anything done, but that would be a lie! I did manage to get a little bit of quilting done (more on that later....)

As a family we....

Had a girl scout meeting and finalized plans for the Christmas party our troop is putting on.

Went grocery shopping.

Went to Home Depot for Christmas decorating items (power cords, lots of power cords) say tuned for pictures next week.....

We also put up all of the outside lights, it took two days as we changed things a little bit this year because Stuart wanted to decorate my new sewing room, it now looks like a little gingerbread house!

I also got the house cleaned up a bit for Thanksgiving. Note to self, don't forget to take the turkey out of the freezer like I did last year!

Like I said busy weekend, I did manage to find time to watch Kung Fu Panda with the girls, funny movie! We particularly enjoyed it because Torrie is a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is now doing a rather aggressive form of Karate called Isshin-Ryu.
And as I said I got some quilting done.

My nieces from Virginia will be coming for a visit in December, the week before Christmas break, I am planning on giving each girl a quilt for Christmas, Two quilts in 3 weeks, YIKES so I opted for ease and speed, sat down on EQ and this is what I have ...

Lauren in our pink and brown girl, she is just a few months younger than Torrie,
I got Laurens started and only have a few more squares to make before I can boarder, quilt and bind it. Again for ease and speed I think I am going to do a simple stitch in the ditch to quilt it.

For my other niece Jackie, I am also doing a 3 rail, but changing it up a bit, instead of doing a basket weave I an doing a zig zag, now I know Jackie like blues and purples, but Torrie disagrees, she thinks the blue and purple are a bit young for a 16 year old. So she thinks I should do something more traditional and mature.

I will let you decide, what to you think, Torrie's pick of blue and yellow? (the shades are not exact, I may not go as dark on the blue as what shows in the pictures but it gives an idea)

Or my pick of blue and purple, again the colors are just an approximation as my stash may not have these exact fabrics.

Please leave a comment and let me know which one you prefer, I am not going to start Jackie's until after Thanksgiving, I will do the one with the most votes!

Thank you! And as always, thanks for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day


Karen E. Overton said...

I always vote for purple! In my book it can't be beat! I have a purple bedroom with a purple quilt, purple throw pillows and purple curtains. When I used to have a master bathroom (no longer) the towels were even purple! Hate to take sides between mother and daughter, but EVERYTHING goes with purple! especially lime green (grin)

Niki :-) said...

You’re invited! To the LAST PUSH quilt-a-thon I am having . Come see what it’s all about!
The more the merrier! Spread the word, and grab the button! Quilty hugs! Remember, Dec 13 is the special day! Niki in AZ

Susan said...

I love love love that purple and blue combination. That quilt looks so alive. I vote for the bottom one.