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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Better late than never!

Hi everyone!

Wow after a week and a half I feel human again! I can not believe how horrible this bug was, I was off work for half of the week and the other half I barely made it through! I have been amazed at how many people in my area have had this nasty little bug, it has spread rapidly and hits hard, then last for almost two weeks, matter of fact I feel better but am still dealing with a stuffed up nose! My hubby who got this a full week before I did is still trying to get over it!

The good news even though I was sick I did manage to get a bit done, I figured I could be sick, and sit and watch TV or I could be sick and sit and sew, I chose sewing! (imagine that) So I managed to get another 15 or so Blankets of Love sewn and about half of those are snipped ready to be washed. I will get a bunch more sewn this week and then send them to Karen for the folks in Galveston.

The bad news this week, my poor lap top, less than two years old bit the dust this weekend. I had been having some problems with it but nothing major, well, it kept freezing up on me, so we got a program to fix it. Well, lets just say that the "fix" fried the hard drive, I can't recover ANYTHING off of it. So I have lost everything on my hard drive. Thankfully most everything was backed up on my desk top (wow this sure feels like a deja vu) didn't I just go through a dead hard drive on my desk top in July? I think I just need to stay away from the computer for a while!
We survived Halloween, Torrie had friends over and they all got dressed up to go trick or treating. Morgen was to sick to go so she stayed home to answer the door. Torrie and her friends all gave Morgen some of their goodies when they got home, I thought that was so nice of them.
So better late than never, here are some Halloween pictures. WARNING, The last one is pretty gross!
Morgen with her pumpkin! She was trying for the Headless Horseman Pumpkin head!

Torrie's Pumpkin, of course The Pretty Witch!

This is all of them lit up, from left to right, Mine, Torrie's, Stuarts Skull, and Morgen's. Cool huh?

I just had to share this picture, this is from the daycare, I try to do seasonal crafts with the kids, this was voted the coolest craft that Miss Ginny has ever come up with! GLOW SPIDERS!!! Super easy to do and Mega cool. If you want to know how these were done, just ask I will be happy to tell you how.

Morgen, even sick she wanted to dress up. I don't blame her! Most years my kids go as something nice, this was the first year that they went "scary" Morgen was a Black Vampire Fairy.

And here is the gross one! Torrie was a "Zombie Doctor" She would not smile and did not want me to take her picture! I did manage to get this one though!

Well, that's it for today, I am off to have breakfast with my good friend Wanda!

Talk to you all later, have a great day!


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Needle and Thread said...

You and your family did a good job on carving these pumpkins. Lovely Halloween pics.