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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Did You Get Started?

As I was heading to bed last night I had this wonderful idea for a blog. I had just finished sewing my niece Lauren's quilt top and thinking about how I will be starting Jackies on Saturday, one thought led to another and I started thinking about how far I have come as a quilter.
So with that thought I thought it would be fun to share with you all how I started quilting, I love hearing how people got into it. Did you start at you Mother/Grandmothers knee? Take a class to support a friend, or like me, got bit by a wild hair?

So lets here it how did YOU start quilting?
This is what you do:
Write you story in you blog, then if you want send me a link to your story as a comment for this post, I will compile all of the links and publish them in one post in a week or two. Sound fun? I think so!
So take a walk down memory lane and share with us all how you got started quilting!
Have fun

P.S. Scroll down to my next post to see my story.
P.S.S. Check out Laurens quilt top, it turned out GREAT!

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