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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Veterans Day Parade!

I wanted to share with you all pictures from our local Veterans Day Parade!

Most people who know me don't realize that I am an Army Veteran. I served during the Gulf War in 90'-91' I spent most of my Army carrier stationed at Ft. Hood Texas, Bravo Company 13th Signal Battalion 1st Calvary Division.

So it is my pleasure and honor to march in our local Veterans Day Parade, this is the 9th year our little town has held this parade and we have the distinct honor of having the largest Veterans Day parade in Eastern Washington!

I love this parade, always a huge turn out! There is so much support for the troops that it makes me tear up every year.

So every year we dust off our old red wagon, load a big box full of candy, put on our Girl Scout vests and away we march!
Here are just a few pictures to share with you.

From left to right, Torrie, Catherine, Morgen, Berit, Megan and our Awesome Leader Michelle!
Notice the wagon O'Candy! It was totally empty in less than 45 minutes, we went through about 60 pounds of candy in no time!

We have a pretty big group the collects old military vehicles!Main Street West Richland, see just a small town, but a pretty good turn our the 1 1/2 mile route is full of people almost the entire way, you never realize how many people you know until you march in a parade!

So I know this is a couple of days early, but happy Veterans Day, If you are a Veteran, THANK YOU! If you are family to a veteran, THANK YOU, you have one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Thank you for stopping by, now I am off to nurse my blisters!


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