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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up.... 1st half of September!

Good morning! So I know I said I was all caught up, but since it is the end of September I guess I need to catch up September too. I have had a busy quilting month this month also. But I will be splitting this month into two posts.. you will see why soon.
Anyhow, to start with.. more of the Desert Storm quilts.

As you can see, these have not been finished yet, I was playing with different fabrics on the design wall. I like this one, but no one else did...

Another fabric.. NO ONE liked this one!

This combination was hands down the favorite. I have enough for two of these I think. I do know it was the end of the bolt. So, my goal for the next two weeks is to get them all sewn together and then I need to get my hands on about a dozen 1st Cav. patches so I can applique them in the center squares!

This was a fun little project I did just for the fun of it ;) I used the same pattern as the Desert Storm quilts but with a twist.. the fabric used was one of the new Timeless Treasures 10" packs, this one was called salt water taffy... I love the pastels they are so soft and pretty, the picture just does not do it justice. Feel free to click on it for a larger view! The white stars and boarder are a creamy Fairy Frost. This is one of my favorite "whites" to use since it adds just a bit of a shimmer to the white areas. Oh and notice little poochy all curled up next to the quilt!

A close up of the quilting shows the lovely batiks and butterflies and flowers. I used a panto for this quilt, the panto is called mariposa (Spanish for butterfly-we learned that last year in preschool) It is a very nice and relaxing panto to stitch out. I was a little intimidated at first because it LOOKS hard but it quickly became a favorite!

A closer look at the butterfly on the fairy frost. Oh I also used a nice pastel rainbow thread called Carnival from the Rainbows line by Superior. Did I mention that one of the things I LOVE about my Homesteader is that I can sew with just about ANY thread, have not found one yet that gives me fits.. can't say the same about my old Baby.

The funnest thing about this little project... Same pattern, same quilting, same every thing except. Timeless Treasures Hard Candy, and Moda blenders black... Look at the difference. This is what I LOVE about quilting!

And quilted the same, butterflies. I used a bright rainbow variegated for this one. It is also from the Superior Rainbows line. The thread color is appropriately called Rainbow!

And the back, OK so this is where I broke the cycle, Up until this point everything was the same, the pastel quilt used the white Fairy Frost as its backing, this one I could not get to the store for a black backing so I used what I had on hand...Blue.... but I like it and it does brighten it up some. Plus you don't get to see my goofs as much ;)

Well, the phone is ringing.. and kids are fussing, so back to it I go.
Thanks for stopping by, I will post the second half of September soon.

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