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Monday, September 29, 2008

Quilty Weekend Shot to H**L

Another weekend come and gone, and all good intentions of quilting shot to hell! It all started so innocently! I made the mistake of going into my daughters room to wake up Torrie, then I looked at the floor, and under their beds and in the closet, and lost my mind! So, I told both girls that they would be cleaning their room with big black bags. When all was said and done, the entire weekend was taken up with completely emptying their bedroom, taking down one of the beds, putting together the trundle that goes under the other bed, (think T shaped bunk beds) they started out with two loft beds. We completely redid every thing, the nice thing, we doubled their storage space and usable space, and gave them a little more floor space. Each girl now has a "dedicated" part of the room, so not as much "shared" space. I wish I had taken before pictures at the transformation is truly amazing.

I am still working on their clothing, washing, trying on, getting rid of things that don't fit. So I probably won't get to quilt till later in the week. I am hoping that I will get to sew for a little bit on Thursday as I have a childcare conference on Saturday. So the weekend will again be pretty much shot. Sigh, maybe just maybe I can squeak in a couple of week nights of sewing, I have got to get to work on my Christmas Presents.

Well, it's late and I must go to bed. Will post again later.
Have a wonderful day.

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