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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Info on the Purses.

Hi all,
The other day I posted about the three purses I had made up to give to friends. Well, I had a couple of people leave comments about the purses, The number one question I get is where did I get the pattern? So this post is all about the pattern for these delightful purses,

I wish I could take credit for how cute they are, but alas, nope I purchased the pattern at our local Craft Warehouse store ( I have a funny story about a lady who followed me all over the fabric section checking out my purse, she ask me about it, I took her over and handed her one of the patterns! LOL) Any how, the pattern I use is called Mini Bow Tucks, it was made my Penny Sturges. Her web site is She has several different purses and bags on her site, there is also a larger version called Bow Tucks.

I cannot rave enough about this pattern, it is well written, easy to understand, very basic sewing. The first purse I did took me about 4 hours to do, mainly because I had never sewn a 3 dimensional object before so this was very new to me. I have been able to stream line it a bit as I do almost all of the fusing of the fleece and material right away instead of in steps, and then I just need to sew it all together.

There are only a few things that I do different on the purses that I make that are not in the original pattern, first, the front pocket, I like it divided, so I either put a seam in the middle to make two smaller pockets, or if ask by the recipient I do it in thirds, with a larger pocket for a larger phone and a small pencil pocket. (this is the outside pocket). I have also found in using my own purse that I do not like how long the button closure loop is it leaves the purse a bit too open on top, so I cut down the measurement, in the pattern it calls for a 6 1/2" inch cut for the loop, I shortened it two inches to 4 1/2" makes it a bit snugger. Other than those two things, wouldn't change a thing!

So check out Penny's site, or call you local quilting store and see if they carry her patterns, make a purse and show it off, and If you do make one, Let me know I would love to see a picture!
Happy Sewing, and have a great day

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Desiree said...

Hi Ginny,
No, I didn't prewash the batik because I hate to prewash, LoL and I had a 4 yd chunk of it. I figured the golf would come off, that happened with a purple batik I had one time, but no matter--the handdyed fabric in the background is still gorgeous. :-) Thanks for the heads up though!