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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Second Chance At The Purse Give Away!!!

Well folks, I am in a quandary... I posted the winner of the purse give away and as yet I have not gotten a response from her. I guess the one mistake I made was not making people include an email address with there comments. So this is what I am going to do. If I do not hear from Crystal Gallant by February 1st. I will re-draw for the purse, So if you entered you name in the drawing, but did not include an email, or if the blue link on the top of your entry does not lead to you blog, please leave a new comment with your email. I would really like to give this bag away! So if you are Crystal, Email me!!! If you are not Crystal and want a second chance, check back on Feb 1st and see if you are the Second Chance Winner!
I hope this is fair!
Good luck,


Cyndi said...

Ginny, I love the purples in the bento box - almost as nice as my greens! : ) I had already seen it, since you're on my google reader! I love the purses, too - I just bought a pattern for one and plan to tackle it some day soon. I also found a cute and easy-looking tutorial for a basket; as soon as I find the linen I tucked away for the bottom I'll make it, too.

Shelley said...

Well, that's too bad about Chrystal. I'm sure you must be disappointed too. You've contacted me before, so I know you have my email least there is a way to contact me on my profile. I'm happy to be in a sencond chance draw if Chrystal doesn't show...I really liked that bag from the beginning!

fancystitching said...

Hi Ginny, I was not in your first drawing (I just found your site yesterday) but would love to be in the next one if that is not against your rules. Your purses (and quilts, too!) are beautiful and I have really enjoyed browsing your photos.

Kathy Ellzey

Carolyn G said...

As much as I would like a second chance, I hope she answers.