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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A shout out to Sheri!

Hello! And I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!

This blog is really a shout out to my friend Sheri in Arizona. Hey Sheri! I got to sew this week! And boy did I get a lot done, did a purse for Wanda, Oh so PINK......
Did a purse for ME!!! Coffee!!!!

And did a purse for you! (Sheri!) This is yours, that is unless you like the coffee one better, then this one is mine and the coffee one is yours LOL! Let me know which one you like better and I will send it your way, on and Psst... I need you address too!

Here is a look at all three of the purses together! They are so much fun to make and now that I have done 7 of them they are getting super easy to do, I now know the shortcuts I can make to speed things up. Maybe I will make some to sell after all....
So that was it for my weekend, made purses, and started on a quilt for my neighbor who lost his wife recently. Have wanted to do something special for him for a while, then on my Quilt Talk yahoo group they did a New Years Eve Mystery quilt, it is wonderful, so I am using the pattern from that for Carl's quilt. Well, Stuart is calling, time to put away the last of the Christmas decorations. Have a great week, and I will post again soon.


Shelley said...

Those are such lovely purses. I keep looking at purses and want to make some for one of my daughters who is so fashion conscious...this one would be great! You know you'll be asked a zillion times over what pattern you used or if you made it up, to give a tutorial! I definately want to know! I like the aqua one best I think...

Sheri said...

Hey Ginny
It is amazing that you would sew a coffee themed one and offer it to me. I am totally addicted to coffee - Starbucks lattes when I can afford them - so guess which one I would love to have?
I think I would rather give you my work address, that way I know it will be delivered to someone. Had a bad exeperience with the Post Office last year when something was delivered to a neighbor when we weren't home and it took the neighbor 3 weeks to get it to us.
Sheri Nelson
% Floor Art
2152 E Cedar Street
Tempe, AZ 85251
480 305 7221

Thanks so much Ginny....I feel honored to have a piece of your artwork.
Love to Stuart and the girls !!!

Tammy said...

Hi Ginny, You recently visited my site so I wanted to check your site out too. Wow, the purses are just gorgeous. I'd love to know the pattern you used. So nice to meet a local person from the tri-cities. I plan to visit often, hope you'll do the same. By the way, what is your favorite quilt shop in the area??

Millie Kriel said...

Your purses are so pretty. I bet you have a different purse for every day and occasion!

Jenny said...

These purses are fabulous! I would love to ahve one! I will settle for the name of the pattern because, I have never won anything! If you would, could you please send me the name your pattern??