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Friday, January 23, 2009

More Bags Done, But Not Purses This Time!

What a fun day I had today! I am still on this bag kick! Yep still quilting, but I do love the almost instant gratification of the bags! Plus I have one of my daycare moms ask me to make her the "desk deli" it is another Penny Sturges pattern, it can be found here....

It has been fun, I make three of these today! Check em out!!!

This is Kim's, she has an amazing eye for pattern and color, I love this fabric, I would not have imagined it when I saw it, but when I sewed the bag, oh my gosh, it is so very pretty! The pictures do not it justice!

This is another shot of this bag, the pattern comes with instructions for a matching napkin, that is what is sticking out the top.Morgen thought they were a neat idea and ask me to make her one since her lunch box is yucky! So she picked out her fabric, and now no one else as school will have as cool (or should I say hot) a lunch box as hers! LOL! This one was actually the first one I made, I just loved the fabric! I am not sure what I will do with this one, I work from home so don't really need something to pack a lunch in, Hmmm... maybe my next giveaway bag? Tell me what you think..... So that is it for now had a rather productive day and am thrilled at the finished products! I will not be making more for the rest of the week, I need to get in and start quilting the 4 quilts I have waiting to be done.

Have a great weekend, play hard.



Shelley said...

I say go for it! All you've made are so seem to do very good work. I just love purses and totes.

Tracey said...

I do like your bags, Great colour`s,

Take care

Millie said...

Ginny, you have made more wonderfull purses and totes. The one is prettier than the other.

Alycia said...

THose are gorgeous!!