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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Little Drama Queen!

Good morning! I got to looking at my blog, wow have I been bag obsessed! So I decided today to stray away from the bag blogs!

Now what to write about??? Life has been very quiet here for us, we are the kind of folks that hibernate come winter, and winter it is. I am so tired of the cold and gray days, I am ready for sunshine glorious sunshine! We actually had three whole days of sunshine, now you may not believe this but this was the first real sun we have had since Christmas! I can not wait for spring! I know it is still months away!

We have been super busy with Morgen's play! She is so amazing, I would never have imaged that she would love drama so much. This is her second play that she has been involved with, the last one she did costuming, this one she has 5 small speaking roles, she was so excited to actually get to be on stage this time that I don't think she would have cared what part she got. Oh I forgot to say, she is in her school production of Bugsy Malone, I think her favorite roll is of the bad opera singer, she gets to sing horribly (not too much of a stretch for the folks in our house!) The play has really been a ton of fun, I have been helping with the costuming, altering and making costumes, I have to say I am glad I offered to help. Although I did not realize how big of a job I was signing on for, lets see there are 55 kids in the play, and all of them have at least two costumes, some have between 3-5! and almost all of them need altered in some form! I have already done 50 ish with another 30 costumes in my van just waiting for me! Now I know this sounds like a huge pity party, it isn't really, just I have 4 quilt tops I am dying to quilt and may never get the chance!

And then there is poor Stuart, my darling hubby, he says to me last night, I feel old. Why I ask?he says, because the kids are growing up....You see, Torrie turns 15 in less than a month, and I go this week to pay for her drivers ed class that she is required to take... so in less than two months my baby will be behind the wheel of a car. Crap now I feel old too!

With that, I think I will sign off, time go take a Geritol, and dye my hair! LOL
Have a great day

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