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Monday, January 12, 2009

To Jenny and Vicki and Everyone!

Good Monday!
WOW, I am so happy to see the response to the purse giveaway! I was afraid no one would want it!!!

I have had a lot of people asking if I designed this pattern or purchased it and if I would share the name of the pattern, So for Jenny and Vicki and every one else...

The name of the purse pattern is Mini Bow Tucks,
It was designed by Penny Sturges,
her website is.
She has a bunch of different patterns this is just one. They are all really cute!
I encourage you to stop by, the patterns are a pretty good price @ $9.00 each!
They are fun and easy to do, and you get stunning results!

Please ask is you have anymore questions!
And don't forget to put your name in the drawing, you need to leave a comment on the Purse Giveaway post, not this one!
And please feel free to share or link back to the purse giveaway, the more the merrier, plus if I get a huge response, maybe next time it will be a coffee purse, or a cupcake purse.. Or maybe something better!

Have a wonderful day!]


Shelley said...

Hi Ginny, me again. I showed my 'purse diva' daughter the purse you have up for grabs and then the other ones you had posted and her first response was the coffee one. That surprised me since I liked the aqua/brown one best, but if you do a coffee one again, I'll be entering for her!

Sheri said...

Hi Ginny
Just wanted to let you know I got my purse yesterday - it could not have come on a better day - and I absolutely love it !!!!
Took it into my Starbucks this morning and showed it off and they all thought it was so cute.
One of the gals here in my office wanted to know where she could buy one.
Thank you so very, very much for making it and sending it to me. It makes me smile just looking at it.

dorothy said...


I love all your purses, great job, but the aqua/brown would be perfect for my granddaughter, I am doing a quilt for her in those colors TOO!

Dorothy S
Sterling, CO