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Friday, January 16, 2009

RANT, Oh and Purse Reminder, Oh and next give away...

Good Morning, Yea it's Friday once again! What a week this turned out to be. I had this whole long post written up. A huge gripe actually, then deleted it. I am still going to gripe (bear with me a bit) but not as long or hard as I had written before... Shortened gripe follows.....

As many of you know I am a state licensed daycare, I usually love my job, unless that is I have a stubborn mom bring her very sick child after giving said child meds to hide the fact she is sick!!!

Fast forward, last Sunday, I got it and so did my other little one I have in care, we have both been horribly horribly sick all week, and the Mom of the child who gave it to us actually complained about my being sick!!!! GRRRR (that was a way shorter version trust me!)

So let me just say, as a day care provider, Please Please Please, it you have children, or grand children in daycare, Please Please Please treat your day care provider like gold! We work hard, are underpaid and under appreciated most of the time!
So give your provider a hug, and a special thank you for the awesome job they do. And what ever you do. If your child is sick, keep them home!!!

END OF RANT!!!!!!!

Now on to the FUN STUFF!!!!!!

There is less than one week till the big Purse Give Away!!! So if you have not done so get you name in now! I will be drawing the name out of the purse Thursday Jan. 22nd. At about 6:00 Pacific Standard Time!

I have also been thinking of what I want to do for my next give away, because, this has been a ton of fun! I am torn between another purse or something a little smaller, like a purse organizer... Oh and wait till you see what I will be giving away for my Birthday, Oh it is cool!!!! I will give a hint, it saves tons of money, and is a MUST for quilters!!!! Oh and it's made here in the good old US of A!!!!

Well that's if for now, off to the bank and pharmacy for me!
Have a wonderful weekend, I will post again soon as I have pictures to show of my latest quilt!


Shelley said...

Bet I can guess what that item is! I have a good idea anyway....anxious to see if I'm right. Still waiting for the purse giveaway day...freezing while doing it too.

Oh and I can relate to the sick child daughter-in-law does daycare...I hear stories....

Tammy said...

Hi Ginny, I keep meaning to send off an email, but like you've I've been sick and no energy this past week. I never had children, but you know i can't imagine taking them to daycare if they are sick, i guess i'd want them home in their own bed with me watching them. My step daughter and son-in-law are very good about keeping out grandson home when he is sick and they usually get it too so no sense in making everyone sick and miserable. hope you feel better soon.

Millie said...

Ginny, I have tagged you for a picture meme. Please come on over. Millie

Linda said...

I ran a daycare for 6 years when I decided to close my daycare I went to work for a organization that works with daycares and their parental clientelle to resolve issues, find openings, and worked with daycares in specialized care (daycare for foster children, special needs children, etc...) One of the handouts our organization made to give to parents mentioned issues such as your post. I actually had one parent say to me... "But I can't miss work just cause my child is sick" My reply: "But you can't afford to miss work when your daycare is closed due to the sickness your child brought into the daycare." I used to tell all parents to have back-up care for sick children (aunt, neighbor, brother/sister, grandparent, etc...) Running a daycare imho! is one of the hardest & most underappreciated jobs! Kudo's to you! Keep up the good work!