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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Torrie's Bento Box Quilted, Ugg what an experience!

Good Tuesday to all!

What a wonderful weekend! I go so very much done, I have to say I love getting a 3 day weekend. In my line of work those long weekends are few and far between!

I am so excited, I got Torrie's Bento Box quilt quilted, and boy oh boy is there a story there... Lets just say that I will NEVER rent time on a long arm machine from that store again!!! EVER!!!! And I will not say where I quilted it at as I have local folks who read here, but I will not recommend them either, it was an unpleasant experience from start to finish, all on a really really un-level frame, and it was dirty too, the wheels kept sticking... Oh so enough of the bad, here is the good... It is almost done I just have to bury the threads and bind it, here are the in-progress photos!

Yes, that's me, I do not really like this picture, I hate when people see how big I am! But this is the only distance shot Torrie took! you can see by the look on my face how happy I was at this point, the owner of the store is a bit.... well lets just leave it at that.

Is this not the prettiest fabric you have ever seen? I love this quilt! Here is another shot with the machine, Oh the distance I could quilt with out having to stop and wind up the quilt, it was wonderful! I do wish the machine had been stitch regulated, it would have made it so much easier. I was under the impression that it was when I signed up to use it, boy to I know what questions to ask now!!!!!!!!!!!!!All in all, I can say it was a learning experience, I am happy I used did it, if only to know what to look for next time and to know that I really don't have room for something this big in my quilting room. I also know that I will rent a big machine again when I do Stuarts new king size quilt he ask for, I also know it will be at a different quilt shop, on a long day off!

Well, I have more to share, and will be doing so later today, so look for another post this afternoon, right now, I need to go get some breakfast, (trying to have a bowl of special K every morning to start to loose some of that extra padding I hate so much)

Have a great day!



Jen said...

Oh man, that fabric really is stunning! Beautiful!

I hope you have a better experience next time with the long arm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny, the quilt is gorgeous! Beautiful work on your part. By the picture, I think I recognize the quilt shop. I'll ask you next time I see you.

Ginny said...

LOL, yep you probably do!
I will have to tell you all about it! Oh My Gosh! I still hurt from wrestling the VERY un level machine, I was pushing the darn thing uphill most of the time!

Millie said...

Ginny, your quilt and fabric is beautiful. I love seeing you behind the longarm and enjoy reading your thoughts on getting the quilt quilted. Longarms can be so much fun, but it can give you a lot of trouble too. Love to see your finished quilt.

Tammy said...

Hi Ginny, I recognize the shop and owner and that is why I pay to have my stuff quilted as that is the only place I know of you can rent time and I never wanted to "go there". You are a better person than me. I have a friend who has a gammil and they are wonderful if set up right and running correctly. The fabric is so beautiful, just yummy!!

Jackie said...

Sounds like a terrible experience. Ugh!

Karen E. Overton said...

It's a beautiful quilt! Sorry you had a 'bad experience' with the longarm rental. From someone who uses one almost every day I have to say that a properly running machine/environment does make a huge difference. It's also very fatiguing work, especially when you are 'on the clock' and trying to get a big quilt done. I started my career as a renter -- the shop made more money than I did (grin) but it let me know that I indeed wanted my own longarm -- and NOT the one the shop rented!! There's something to be said about finding the right machine for you. Kuddos for quilting your own -- but remember, it's okay to hire it done too (grin) keeps folks like me employed!

Megan said...

That makes me want to try the Bento Box pattern again. I never thought to try it with just two fabrics, but those are so lovely they deserve to stand on their own.

Ginny said...

Thank you! I can't take credit for the actual quilt as my daughter made it, but I did pick the fabric! I love Batiks and I love the purples, she amazingly did not like the colors. I am very subdued in my fabric choices, I like simple repetitive quilts Scrappy quilts are not my thing (sorry Karen) :) So I never imagined this quilt in anything but two tone, and I love it, it has such a neat optical illusion look from the distance. That is why Torrie is entering it into or local quilt show!