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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to make blogging a fun family affair

So, I don't know if you have ever noticed the little map on the right of my blog, the one with all of the little red dots on it. Go ahead and take a look, yep that's it! So if you click on the little map thingy it takes you to a bigger map, and I bet if you look you are on it!

Why do I mention this? Well, you see Morgen LOVES the map, it has become a ritual every morning before school, I log on to the computer, log on to my blog, and check the map, Morgen stands waiting to see if we have gotten any new countries! She has a notebook, and it is divided up into continents and a list of each country by continent! We both love looking to see who is checking out the blog, then we do a wikapedia search for the places that pop up! It has been so much fun and really kind of educational! I think our favorite one to date was Djibouti in Africa. Not sure why except that neither of us had ever heard of Djibouti before!So check out the map, it's pretty cool, and know that Morgen and I are watching you!

Have a great day!


Karen E. Overton said...

I have actually heard of Djibouti -- when my kids were younger we homeschooled and had a book called Operation World, both adult detailed version and one for kids. The kids book featured a different county each week for us to pray for (the adult had daily countries) We had a wall map of the world and would put thumb tacks in the countries we read about. A wonderful thing to realize that there's a bigger world out there! Even better when you see that folks from all over the world are reading your blog!! Thanks for sharing the map with us -- hum...I might want to get one!

free indeed said...

This is pretty cool! I would think this is a great tool to interest kids in geography...good job to you mama! I'm thinking though, that it listed me as Lewiston, Maine and that is FIVE HOURS from where I actually live. THat must be where the server office is? If ever you look at a map of Maine with your daughter...look north, way north of Lewiston to is the northern most town in Maine and possibly the entire US, but there might possibly be one in Oregon that is further north following the latitude lines? Don't remember what I learned in school; but this I do know, we are one of the 4 cornors points that alot of motorcyclists complete in riding the 4 cornors of the USA....
PS, I am the Shelley you sent the first purse to...I changed my google id because my server switched....Love that purse btw.

nikkicrumpet said...

That's really fun that your kids can get involved...and who knew blogging could be educational too!!!

Zlaty said...

I love looking at the map and see where my visitors are from also! :))