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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Second Chance Winner!!!

Well, I feel terrible, I had really hoped that I would hear from Crystal, the gal who's name I drew for the purse give away, but alas, nothing. So as promised I have drawn for a second chance winner. And the winner is.....
Shelley From Maine!!!
I have emailed Shelley to let her know that she won!


Linda said...

Congratulations Shelley!

free indeed said...

Thanks LInda and thank you Ginny! I received that lovely purse today....I had company at the time and she just loved it too. I plan on giving it to my college age daughter, but my 17yr old saw it and wants it too! What's a mother to do???? I still think I'll give it to college daughter because she has always been purse chic....(to be honest, I kind of want to keep it for me too sigh, but that's just selfish) AND her bday is next month. Maybe I can win another for 17 yr old with your other giveaway....:) Again thanks so much. Oh, and is that picture of you or one of your daughters? I can't decide which...if it's you, you look like a teenager! Man!

Ginny said...

I am glad the purse arrived! I wish I could make you another so you could have matching purses, but Joanns does not have that fabric anymore! :( So to be fair I think that you and your daughters should share, mom gets it one month, then the college age daughter the next month and then the 17 year old, and so on and so on!!!
As to the picture, that is my daughter Morgen, she is 13 (I NEVER want to be 13 again) I unfortunatly am much older and much larger! LOL
Enjoy the purse, I still think Karma was involved as you really did give me the original idea to give it away!