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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Purses, purses a plethora of purses

I think I sewed my thumbs off, really I am serious, I am pretty sure my right thumb wants to fall off! I sewed 10 purses this weekend, and I did a couple quick test runs on the feathers I am putting on the Bento box quilt next weekend, oh did I mention, I am stepping out on my poor little babylock, I am renting time on a 24" Gammill machine! I will be missing Daytona, but I guess that's the price I pay.

Oh and I helped Torrie make her dress for the Swing Dance. Did I ever mention that I am a quilter, not a seamstress but a quilter, now I know why the word STRESS is part of SeamSTRESS!!! ARGGGGG but it does look wonderful on her, I will put up pictures when she has it all done and hemmed!

Oh, now for purse pictures!!! (BTW, these are all in my Etsy shop)

I won't be putting all ten on here as some were given away before I took pictures and some are repeats of ones I have done before and sold.

This is my favorite one, there is something about the Asian artwork that I think is so pleasing and relaxing.

Pink Polka Dots!

Butterflies at Night!

Retro Fun

Floral Fiesta

How Green Is My World

Well, that's it for now! Now I am off to finish the last two costumes for Morgen's play!

Have a great day!



Tammy said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Ginny. Hope your thumbs recover and you survive dress making. Take care!!

gquilts said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you bags .. hmmm ... maybe i'll just have you make me one instead of doing it myself since you've gotten it down to a fine art ;)


Patricia Davila said...

I love the purses, my favorite is the pink poka dot.

Joy said...

Ginny, the purse arrived a couple of days ago and it is darling! I will be posting about it and a few other things next week. You do such beautiful work!