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Friday, February 6, 2009

I sold a purse, I sold a purse, doin' a happy dance cause I sold a purse!!!

Good Friday Everyone!!!

I love Friday, not only is it the last day of the work week but it is my easiest day of the week, by 2:00 this afternoon I will be off and sewing!

Oh I have the best news today! I am so excited I could burst, I finally sold a bag!!!! I make them because I love to, I am selling them because I can only have so many of the darn things laying around before hubby gets a little peeved! So I went over to S's house the other night to drop off some paperwork and brought a couple to show her, She fell in love with the blue and black one (you can see it a few posts down) and bought it! YEA!!! of course I used the money to support my habit, I promptly went out and got more fabric.

BTW, if you are interested in one of my bags (outside of the give away of course) please check out my Etsy shop, the link is to the right. I have more bags than what shows there. I have discovered that people really want to use the "lunch" bags as purses, so I am now adding magnetic clasps to all of the bags! Makes it easier to use as a purse!

Oh and the lips purse!!! Thanks to Wendi at our local Joann's because she helped me find my lips! LOL so here they are..... It really does complete the purse!

Well that's all for this morning, I am off to do a happy dance!!!


P.S. Don't forget to enter the purse give away down below!


Millie said...

Congratulations Ginny. I can hear the excitement in you voice. I am going to see what color is my rainbow.

Sherry said...

congrats ginny, your bags are lovely. I am sure more people will buy :) You get to do what you love and people love to buy because they love your work too!

Sherry said...

you love making purse, have you ever try make backpack?

Tammy said...

You GO GIRL!! Congratulations on your sale. Your purses are so lovely and they are worth every penny you ask. I made myself one recently with that gorgeous green fabric you'd made one from. But I stupidly sewed the pocket on the side with the button loop, so my button is on the wrong side. But I love it just the same.

♥georgie♥ said...

That is so awesome!!!! Off to check out your etsy shop!

Cassie said...

Congratulations on selling a purse!!!!

Susan Loftin said...

Congratulations on selling your purse! They all look great.
I've nominated you for a "Life is Grand" award. Pop on over to my blog to get the details.