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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh My Gosh, I Have Such Great News!

Good evening, or maybe I should say good morning, it is about 12:30 in the morning here, I am going through a little bit of the can't sleeps! I hate it when this happens, of course tonight it might be due to the overdose of Valentines chocolate my family gave me! And I had been so very good about watching what I eat!!!

OK so with fair warning that I am a bit loopy and getting sleepy, bear with this rather rambling post, because I have two wonderful thing to share tonight, I will start with the easy one....

Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery

Yep, On February 20th I will be a guest blogger on the quilting gallery, so make sure you stop on in and read all of the wonderful posts on Michele's site. And if you do not have your blog listed on her site, go do it now! LOL.

OK so for my other very cool news. (condensed for space) (I hope)

Many many life times ago I was in the U.S. Army. For years I have been searching for my friend "Gus" I had lost contact with her when I got out and she was shipped to Germany, I have done the people searches, I tried to find her family, I searched and searched and searched, every 6 months or so I would look again, I never had any success. Gus was one of those people that made such a impact on my life back then, she was the nicest person and the best friend a girl could have. I missed her and always wondered for years how she was. I knew she was married, I knew her husband as he had been in the same unit as us. I knew she had a little girl, she had just had the baby the last time I saw her, I just wanted to know what had become of my friend.

Then, the other day I got an email from another friend, she was on face book, and one thing led to another, I ended up with a face book account, did some searching, nope no Gus... But my mind was working overtime (I can be a bit slow sometimes) so I decided to to a my space search, now you must know that I am very, very, very anti my space, it's just a thing with me, long story, not tonight though... Any how I digress, I did a my space search, and BLING! There she was, complete with a picture of her and her now 17 year old daughter, yes the same baby I had seen so many years ago, Well, I emailed, and yep it was her! She send me her number, I called we talked for an hour, oh my gosh it was so wonderful!!! I am so excited, I cannot believe after all of this time, to have found my Gus! Yea, I am pretty excited. I think we will have to make plans but it would be wonderful to see her again after all of this time.

Well that's it for tonight, I think I need to head to bed as the screen is now getting blurry!
Have a wonderful night and I hope you all had a lovely Valentines, and hey reach out and find an old friend, it is an awesome feeling!
Good night all,


Tammy said...

I'm so excited for you that your found your long lost friend. That's so wonderful and I hope you two can get together and catch up in person, it would be so much fun for you. And congratulations on your guest blog spot. I'm going to go sign up now and check you out when you're a guest. What a great valentines you had!!!

Millie said...

I am so happy you will be a quest on the gallery. That is great news. And I am so happy you found your lost friend.

Mishka said...

What a wonderful story to find your long lost friend. That is fantastic.

I'm looking forward to having you as guest on the Quilting Gallery.