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Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost Caught Up!... August.

August here we come!!!

Ocean Crest... Every few years we feel the urge to leave our dry arid desert landscape behind us and we take a trip to the Wet Side... we travel for 6 hours, until we hit the pacific ocean and run out of road, then we turn right and go some more. Eventually we land at The Ocean Crest Resort. I am not posting where it is, nor am I showing all of the lovely pictures we took, this is our secret place and if word gets out that Paradise is in Washington state then we will never get a room again! Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful and restful places I have ever been. Plus they have a WONDERFUL restaurant and a lovely indoor pool... Oh and did I mention the ocean view... Just look... see heaven on earth!
We usually go in August to celebrate our anniversary, this year was no exception.

We dressed up and had a nice dinner out. I look at this picture and know that in a very few years my babies will be grown and gone, they are in a word...lovely. And yes Stuart is really that tall!

Love this picture because it is of my darling and I... Hate this picture because it show exactly how big my butt is!

Dinner that night was amazing as always. The food is always wonderful... Hey I tried duck for the first time too! The waiter was a hoot, he picked on Hannah..hmm no pictures of Hannah sorry... we laughed and had a wonderful time, the people at the table next to us had fun too.. it was contagious.

Morgen describing something that went...Poof!

Lovin' this picture, Torrie discovered photography last year. Makes her mama proud, you see I went to college to be a professional photographer. This was my first camera, I used it all through high school and in college, now Torrie is using it.
This turned out to be my favorite beach shot, all three girls together, the third girl is Hannah. Hannah is one of Torrie's bestest friends, she was having some troubles at home so we ask if we could bring her with us for the trip, she is a very nice and very funny young lady. I am glad I had the opportunity to get to know her better that weekend.

I did manage to get a little bit of quilting done in August, this was the block of the month from quilt party, it is an adorable 3D pinwheel I chose rainbow colors and a cloudy back ground, the kids LOVE this quilt.

This is one of several military quilts I have been working on. I found the unit patch fabric a while back and purchased several yards with this quilt in mind. This quilt, plus its sister quilts are to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. We landed in Saudi on September 10th 1990, with in days our signal van was set up providing communications for the off loading of the ships, from that point on we never slowed down... We spent 6 long months in the desert leap frogging to provide communications for our troops, we crossed the berms into Iraq... and when we were done, we pulled back into Saudi and went home. I was a proud member of Bravo Company 13 Signal Battalion, 1st Calvary Division, Local Rau 42. Voice of Command. First Team! Through face book there are about 60 of us who have gotten back in touch with each other, I started a group just for the 13 Sig Desert Storm vets. I am making these quilts to send to many of my dear friends from that time. As I get them finished I will post them on here as each one is a little bit different.

Each quilt will have the unit patch fabric, and a complimentary patriotic fabric, on each quilt you will notice the brown star (desert bdu -camo) and the green is woodland camo.. both represent our time in the Army.... Thank you for letting me share a part of myself I rarely discuss... now in the immortal words of my darling daughter Morgen....

Rock on Quilting World!!!

Whew... all caught up! Next post, will be what I have been up now! And I have been a busy busy girl!

Shall post again soon..
Till then keep those needles humming.

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