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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching Up... March and a GO!

S0 here we GO again! Still catching up from my months of not blogging...

BUT first I just have to share.... I have for several months debated purchasing a GO fabric cutter, well I finally broke down and got one! As my kids would say "OMG" I am in love! One of the dies I got was the Eleanor Burns Blazing Star, I cut and entire 30 x 30 quilt in less than ten minutes, check out the pictures.... So here she is, with the fabric piled on one side and the die on the other. If you have been thinking about getting one, sitting on the fence like I was, I say take the plunge it is a very cool cutting machine. I did a lot of research and watched every you tube video out there. I was concerned with how much fabric waste there would be, in my opinion if you think before you cut (just like with your ruler) then there is very little waste. Yes there is a bit more than if you just used your rotary cutter and ruler, BUT the trade off is in cutting time, cutting accuracy and for my the pain in my hands, some days my arthritis hurts me so badly that I can not use the rotary cutter.. Just that simple.OK, so the fabric is really really bright and funky, but hey that's what I like! The neat thing, these are all shapes that would take time to cut because of all the odd angles. The amazing thing, they are all perfect and perfectly the same size and EVERYTHING lines up! I don't have a picture of the finished block just a snap shot of the "dry run" but you get the idea.

OK, so on to March... Gosh March was a busy month, it was my birthday, I turned 42 (as Garth Brooks would say I am MUCH to young to feel this damn old!) It was also our local quilt show. I love our little show it always manages to fall on my birthday weekend! I know they plan it that way JUST for me! This year I got brave and entered three quilts into the show. This was the first time I had ever entered, this is not a juried show but a peoples choice. NOPE I didn't win a thing, but I did over hear a couple of people make very nice comments about my quilts :)
The other great thing was that my friend Wendi also entered her quilts and some of ours got displayed together! So here are the pictures... with comments....

The quilt on the left is Wendi's, the one on the right is my, we call it Starry Starry night.
This one is called deep space, this is one of the quilts made from the left overs from the day and night quilt pictured at the top of the blog. The cool thing about this quilt... I ran into the nice folks from the Island Quilter (a WONDERFUL quilt shop on Vashon) Vashon just happens to be where I grew up and where my Mom and Dad still live. Well I ask if they would be willing to take Deep Space and deliver it to my Mom, and they did! It was pretty awesome she got a nice surprise and I got to meet some wonderful folks from where I grew up!
This is my very dear friend Wendi! HI Wendi!!! Yep she reads my blog.... I love her Ball Jar quilt, each jar has a different fruit or veggie, and she quilted each with the word BALL!

Wendi again with her Cars quilt that she made for her husband Rick, who also happens to be one of the nicest guys I know.. and a car salesman to boot... if you need a good car and are in the Tri-Cities... call Rick at Tim Bush Motors... Tell him Ginny sent you!

Wendi again, with.. oh gosh, I don't remember what this one was called!!!
OK so this is me.. nuff said!
And me again, this time with Adams quilt.

This not so little quilt was one I drew up and made for Ryan, one of my daycare kids, he grew up and had to leave the daycare. I had him for 7 years! Ry is very much the sports boy.. he plays football, basket ball and baseball, with baseball being his favorite. So that was the theme...
Here is a "dry run" UUGGGG did NOT like it! it was super super busy and hard to focus on, so I went back to the drawing board... and well, you will have to wait a few months to see how it turned out!
Till next time, I Gotta a GO!!!!


Stay tuned for April and May.. May was a really cool month!

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