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Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching Up... April

I have to say it feels SO GOOD to be blogging again, I really missed it. I don't think I even realized how much until I started again, I went for several months without even checking in and seeing what every one else was up to. I do partly blame my lack of blogging on Face book I signed on there and have connected with so many old friends. So if you want feel free to add me as a face book friend. Just do a search for Ginny Hildreth I will be glad to add you as a friend. Just make a note I do NOT play any of the face book games. :)

OK so this post is about April, what was I up to in April? Well lets look in my photo album and see...April was a blast, this is NOT my quilt this it Torrie's quilt. She wanted to do a foot print quilt, so we spent an after noon (4 hours) painting one foot, step, lift, wipe clean, paint other foot, step, lift, wipe clean, remove square, place and pin next square, and start all over again! She has striped feet, swirly feet, blue feet, green feet and so on and so on, our favorite is NOT shown, but she has rainbow striped feet. She then added different seashell sashing around each block, and stitched around each foot to make it look like flip flop soles, then she shopped and found cut ribbon, rick-rack and trims to match each colored foot, she stitched them down so it looks like she is wearing flops... I quilted it in blue waves on the tip half of each block, and tan ripples on the bottom half to make it look like water and sand... Now what I have not mentioned is Torrie has HUGE feet! So of course we named this quilt "Big Foots Day at the Beach!" it is wonderful and she uses it on her bed.

My other BIG accomplishment for April... I learned how to quilt feathers OH MY GOSH! I have struggled and struggled with feather for years, I have purchased books... and videos and practiced and practiced to no avail. Then I purchase a video called Twirly Whirly Feathers by Kimmy Brunner It was worth every penny! No joke I watched the video, and drew along with her and with in a few hours, yes hours I was making decent feathers! And feathers in ALL directions and shapes and sizes. This is a drawing I did coming up with design ideas for an old quilt the Torrie made a couple of years ago that I have not quilted because it needed feathers. I did NOT quilt this exact design but it was close.
So once I started drawing them on paper I needed to go to the machine and do them on fabric, I know this one is hard to see because of the white. Lets just say the entire thing is feathered all done on my 9" machine!
Here is a closer look, really it is still pretty rough, but it was the first time for me!

Lets see April was also the month of the fan, this was our block of the month at quilt party, I made two quilts, this one was just hanging out on the design wall, it now has its set triangles and boarders and is sitting in the Que waiting to be quilted. It will eventually find a home (at Christmas) with my wonderful neighbor Judy.
This is the same fan block (ok different blocks but you now what I mean!) My friend Wanda wanted one too, this was the layout she chose... yep it is in line too.

So as you can see April was a very busy and productive month... stay tuned for May because I had some thing really neat happen...


Sunshine said...

How did you do the black outline on those fans? Are they bias tape or REALLY narrow curved strips?

Both quilts look amazing. I haven't dared do much curved piecing apart from the two blocks I did for my guild's raffle quilt...

Ginny said...

The fan blocks are super easy, they are just a 9 inch half square triangle, with the fan shape glued on with a glue stick, the black line on mine is a 1/4" bias strip but you can also use rick rack. It is a super easy block to do and also a lot of fun coming up with different combinations, kind of like how you play around with a drunkards path quilt.