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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catching Up...February

Good morning,
So, I said last week that I would start blogging again, then promptly got side tracked with a round of Doctors appointments... So here I am a week later with some answers to my medical problems (I won't bore you with the details) and some frustrations because of NO answers. What I will do is share some of what has kept me away.. are you ready?Torrie turned 16, I think that was what my last post was about. Anyhow, she being the princess that she is (really she is not she is very smart and level headed, that's why this was so much fun) anyhow, being such a princess, she decided that for her 16th birthday all the girls should dress up in their most formal wear and go to a nice dinner and a play... the hilarity ensues... Oh and as you can see, she matched her cake, yup sick mama...Morgen in her nice dress, she looked pretty that night, this should have given me a clue that my other baby is also growing up... more on that later.. in the August post...
Here are all of the girls all dressed up and ready for a lovely dinner out...
Torrie chose one of her favorite dining locations...Dairy Queen! Boy did we make a scene people actually stopped and stared! The folks who work there were very very cool about it though, the best part, there was a little girl about 6 having a birthday party too, we over heard her ask her mommy... can I have a princess crown too? Mommy said no because she didn't have one. Then one of the girls in our group went over and gave her her crown. Very good kids my Torrie's friends.

Oh and yes there was a lot of quilting going on in February, but you don't get to see it till my next post... So stay tuned for MARCH (a bit later this afternoon as I have a lunch date in a few minutes)

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Happy Birthday to Torie.

That was awfully sweet of her friend to do that for the little girl.

I love the quilt.