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Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching Up.... July Part 2

So, Part two... can you guess what I did this month.. Oh yea I caught up on a LOT of quilting!

This was a bento box quilt that Torrie made two years ago, I have been holding off on it until I had a machine big enough... guess what I do! these are 15 inch blocks, I was able to do the ENTIRE block in one pass!! Did I mention that my Homesteader has a 19" throat.

I also learned how to do pantographs, yes you can laugh, but with my old Baby I could not ever do pantos just not enough space!

I also did a bit of teaching, this is Kim on of my Daycare Moms (going to make a quilter out of her yet!) She needed a summer wall hanging for her foyer, she loved this panel so we knocked some boarders on it and SHE quilted it! it looked great!

Caution Rant Ahead

I also did a little baby quilt for one of the lady's at quilt party, this was a "freebie" She needed it quilted and I wanted the practice... she (the lady) ended up being a major PITA and I will NEVER help her again, free or not...YIKES some people... I ended up ripping out two rows because she did not like the design SHE chose!
I ended up doing the entire thing custom free motion... It was cute and I was happy with the end results... even though I had to deal with some SERIOUS piecing issues.. but then that is why I took it, as a learning piece... It helps to deal with "real world quilts" not just mine where I don't have many piecing issues...or boarder issues either, but that's another story (all her seams at her boarders were unstitched at least half and inch or more in and it was a 2" square pieced boarder...)
The back was a pretty blue Minkee, here are some loopy hearts.... perfect? No, did it work yes, there were hundreds of these all over the quilt, each 1 inch sashing has hearts!
On to better and much more fun quilts! This is Stephanie, my hair dresser! What do I love about Stephanie... well she had purple nails, purple eye shadow and eye liner and purple hair... Yep BIG streak of BRIGHT purple in her hair and I love it! I want purple hair, but am not self confident enough to have purple hair. Stephanie was cutting my NON purple hair (but very grey actually) one day and we were chatting I mentioned a quilt I was making and as it turns out she is also a quilter.. well we chatted and so forth, I ended up inviting her over to quilt up a baby quilt she was making... here is Stephanie using .. NOT Big Bertha...
She used the Hearts A Flutter panto.

And it turned out excellent... The front...

The back! The back was a bug flannel, the front bug strips! Hey this reminds me I need to schedule a hair cut!

So as you can see we jumped right in and got to work, I am loving my machine. And so are several of my friends!
So easy a newbie can do it!

Take care for now, thanks for hanging in this long. Next up August, and a change of pace, then September and we will be all caught up, once we get caught up I have something really cool to share!
Thanks for stopping by... and please suggest a name for my machine... I will NOT call her BIG BERTHA.


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