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Monday, September 27, 2010

Catching Up.... June

Good Monday Morning!
Well the catching up continues... It has been a few days because we have been doing some major house repairs... more on that in a few posts! For now I lets talk about June, June was a sad month for me, oh it was a good month but sad, you see one of my daycare kids grew up. I have taken care of Ryan for 7 years. In seven years we went from preschool, to kinder garden all the way up the ranks of elementary school, this fall he started middle school and turned 12. Ryan has always been my sporty boy, he loves all things sports! Football, basket ball, racing but most of all Ryan LOVES baseball! So when it came time for him to leave my care I sent him off with a quilt of course. His Mom was thrilled because she has been wanting to redecorate his room. So this is what I made....

The funny thing about this one, I would be working on it right in front of Ry, cutting and so forth it took him about a week to ask what I was working on and if it was for him... I said Maybe... He actually got a little involved when it came time to decide if we liked it better with the little one inch sashings.. the over all consensus was YES.

I quilted it on my frame with my 9 inch machine (more on that news in my next post) I had to be creative as this is almost a queen size quilt, it is meant to last him a LONG time. I did just a simple free motion meander and on each block I used my rulers and did either a large or small baseball or a large or small start

I had to piece the back, originally the back as to be the baseball fabric you see below, but I was about (get this) 6 inches short! And of course was totally out of luck finding anymore. So I improvised to what I think are good results.

As you can see, baseball and stars, the theme throughout the entire quilt, Oh and I quilted it with Superior Rainbow Red White and Blue variegated. I miss Ryan, not as many laughs without him here.

This is the King size that wasn't! A year or so ago I made this lovely King size quilt for my husband, who took one look at is and said "Oh hell NO!" OK so that is not a direct quote but suffice to say he HATED it So it got tucked away and never finished, like in needed boarders sewn on and quilted... fast forward to May, I was talking to my good friend Wendi and ask her if she wanted it since I hated to see it just sitting in a box. She said yes that she would give it to her daughter Erika. Well, I sent it with her along with the boarder material, she finished the quilt then we took it over to the same shop that I did the Memory quilt, (they can handle a king size, my frame cannot) we then spent the day making spirals and spirals and more spirals.
Each circle got a spiral, and we spiraled the boarder too... It turned out WONDERFUL!
See, I think we counted 119 spirals. It was actually pretty easy as I was using my Doodling Designs spiral template.
This is the back, we used just a plain black back and Red and Black thread by YLI (think I got that right). OH and for the record, Erika LOVED the quilt. So all's well that ends well, the quilt got quilted and found a happy home. I just love a happy ending don't you!

OK on to July and my BIG news!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to say hi!

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Tammy said...

Love catching up with you Ginny - you've been a busy girl. I can imagine it would a sad/happy thing to see your daycare kids grow up and not need you. So wonderful to of you to have made him a quilt that he can cherish forever.