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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chitter Chatter.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already, I have gotten NOTHING done this week, still tired from the trip, why does a short trip like that make my so tired?

I have not even stepped into my quilting room since we have been home, I do plan on spending my entire evening out there tomorrow! I am going to take out the Block Lotto Pinwheels and play around with companion blocks for them.
Also, Torrie wants me to help her make a bag like mine, she got the larger sized pattern and she is going to use it to carry books. Poor kid, because of her school schedule and where her locker is, she carries all of her books all day. Her backpack is not big enough to carry them all.

So that is the plan for tomorrow. Today I am off to Joann's to buy fleece, they are having a great sale 50% off plus my 10% discount card, Yea!!! I need to buy 6 yards, 3 yards each complimentary colors, every year my poor couch gets a little more beat up, having 6-8 daycare kids everyday is really rough on furniture, this poor couch has holes in it and I just cannot see replacing it before I give up the daycare. So I cover it with fleece, the fleece holds up to the wear and tear plus I get to pick my color for the year. It is a small price to pay I guess. Last year the couch was bright purple with Tinkerbell. I am NOT doing Tink again!!! I think a nice dark blue.

Ah well, such is life in a day care. Sometimes I get bummed because my house is not pretty, and I don't get to have nice things, plus we get super cluttered all due to my job, but when I start looking at outside work, well I make too much to give it up yet. I keep saying six years, my six year plan. In six years Morgen will be out of School, and gasp away to college. Then I can find a job that I want, till then I will be home every day for my kids.... did I mention six years....

Speaking of the job, time to get back to work it is always fun typing with an 18 month old on your lap, they try to help (thank God for spell check).

I will post again soon with pictures of Torrie's bag, progress on pinwheels and I am still trying to get that tutorial done on the rag quilts, I have had several emails asking for it, I had just gotten started on it when the computer died, now I need to start all over again. Stay tuned, hopefully by early next week...

Till then, Have a wonderful day.

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