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Sunday, September 21, 2008

There and Back Again...

Wow what a whirl wind trip, over one day back the next!!!
We went so fast that I hardly took any pictures!!!

But, we did have a nice dinner with Stuarts sister Ruth and our niece Jackie and Grandma Ivy.

Originally I was going to just drop off the uhaul trailer and Stuart at Ruth's house then go to Vashon to see Mom and Dad, but there was not as much there for Stuart to pick up as we thought, so we did a quick change on our plans, loaded up and got out of Tacoma fairly early in the day. Stuart went with us to Vashon and we left for home straight from there, we managed to get home almost 4 hours earlier than expected, which was nice as we got home before midnight!

I did have a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad, plus I got to take Torrie and Morgen for a bit of a trip around the Island to show them all of the places they hear about in my stories, it was very fun. We went to where I grew up, they were pretty jazzed, they got to see 3 deer running through one of the pastures! (dummy me left the camera in the car).

Oh and it rained, and rained and rained. I hate the rain, I live on the dry side of the state for a reason, it rained the entire time we were over there, and we did not get dry again till last night when we crossed back over the mountain!

So since we still have to unload, I will post pictures with just a quick note about each, (Stuart really wants me to get moving!!!)
This is my Dad! Good looking guy Huh? One of the best people I know! The series of photos below this are of his latest landscaping project, the lady he is doing this for owns the ravine, they are putting in the switchback to the fence, then beyond the fence, two ponds for a deer sanctuary. The trees and brush use to to to the top (where the guy in the yellow is) they hand cleared all of the brush, and due to the access, have and carried and laid every bit that you see, including all of the rock. WOW!!! enjoy the pictures! And yes it is as steep as it looks!

My Mom and Dad own a nursery. So if you are ever in Seattle and you want to spend a pleasant afternoon on a nice not so touristy little island with tons to offer, go to Vashon, while you are there, stop by Kathy's Corner (just south of town) and say Hello to Kathy, she is my mom, tell her I say HI! This is just a quick shot looking down the Nursery, there is more and I will post later. Even in the rain and grey it is beautiful!

So I have to run, Stuart is calling.

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