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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Day I Stopped Watching The News

9/11 A Day I Will Never Forget
I was just getting the kids off to school when the phone rang, Stuart calling telling me to turn on the TV something terrible has happened.
I did, I saw the buildings fall, I cried, and cried and cried, I could not get past the horror, so many people, so many lives. I had to turn it off, I did watch later, but small bits, my heart cannot take so much sadness. Then as the months went buy, and we send all of those young men and women back into war, I cried, every time they showed a deployment, the memories were too strong, I know how they felt, and the homecomings just as hard to watch, I know how that feels too, you are never the same after being in a war. It changes you.
So I turned the TV off. I still read the paper, and read the news I keep up on politics and the world around me, I just choose to keep the TV off, I cannot stand the graphic details, my heart breaks. So today as will almost all of the days before this, my TV will sit silent and dark. I will not watch the shows, the memorials, the graphic descriptions and analysis of that day.
I will however stop many times this day, bow my head and wish for peace, peace for the families and loved ones. Peace for the souls that were lost that terrible day. Peace for our troops, both now and in the future. And I wish peace for you, kind soul who happens to read this today. Take a moment stop and pray.
Thank you

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