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Monday, September 15, 2008

Morgens Birthday, Quilt and Pretty New Purse!

Oh what a busy weekend! But boy was it fun and I got a lot done!
We celebrated Morgen's Birthday Friday night, just family. Then Saturday both girls each had a friend over, I took them to the mall, they did the teenager thing and shopped till they were all broke! While we were out I did pick up a pattern that I had been looking at online, the Mini Bow Tucks Purse, Pattern by Penny Sturges, here is the link

So I had been looking at it, then at our craft store I saw the larger version and was in LOVE.

So some back story, I carry a granny purse, don't believe me, check it out....
It's big, it's brown and it's UGLY, the sad thing is my last two purse were just like it, I have fallen into a purse rut and hate it. But is seems that there is nothing out there in the stores that I like, I love pockets lots of pockets and dividers and such. Well, enter the wonderful pattern I found, I was so excited that I got up early Sunday morning and finished Morgen's Birthday Quilt. I had sworn I would get it done this weekend and it took me most of the day but I got it finished!

OK so she doesn't look to thrilled, but it was 6 am when I took the picture, I am not sure she was totally awake. Morgen did pick the quilting, each black diamond has either a flower or a butterfly sewn in a rainbow thread, the borders are done in loopy hearts, it did turn out rather pretty.

So I got it done, that gave me time to start on my new purse, now you have seen the ugly brown purse, can you imagine what color I would do my new purse in? Well, let me share a secret, I love bright blue, I love green and I adore Batiks... So away I went, now I don't sew clothing, I only do quilts, to do a 3 dimensional project is really really stepping out of my comfort zone, but the instructions were very easy to understand and the fusible fleece made it super easy too. So with out further ado, pictures...

This is it! it is about 11 inches long, 4 inches wide and 7 inches tall, the pocket on the front is suppose to be one big pocket, but I sewed an extra line down the middle to break into two my cell phone and MP3 player fit snug in the pockets, but within easy reach. I love the handles, they are puffy and soft, nice and padded!This is a side shot, I love the ties on the side, the close up the bag and add a really cute touch! The pattern calls for them to be the same as the main body material, but I liked the contrast better.This is a not so great shot of the inside, there are 9 pockets on the inside of this thing, one for the check book, one for my little packet of cards (ATM and Drivers Lic. and such) smaller ones for pens, lipstick, I even have one for receipts! I have to save all of those because of the business, and I love having a place for them. BTW, this shot is with the sides untied and the bag fully open!

I am so in love with this pattern, the most amazing thing, start to finish it took me about 5 hours to do, for me that is super fast! I was really easy! So if you are into bags and want to try something fun, click on the link above and get this pattern I highly recommend it.

Well that's about all for now, time for me to empty the ugly brown thing and move into my new purse!

As always, thank you for stopping by, comments are always welcome.... Hey here is a thought, I think I will go back to the craft store and purchase another copy of this wonderful pattern (sorry you can't have my copy! :) Post a comment and at the end of the month I will have a drawing, if I draw your name I will send you the pattern! So, don't be shy, say hi and maybe you will win!

Have a great night!


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