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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morgens Quilt and Pictures of the Pets

Well, It's been a busy week here at the old homestead, Not a bit of quilting done, but I did do a little shopping, got two nifty bag patterns and a practice sheet for the quilting frame. I also played around with some stencils and picked the design for Morgen's birthday quilt. The quilt is....

Pretty simple actually, but I have had this one sitting in the wings for Months, waiting to get the frame running. So we played around and decided that in the black squares we are going to do butterflies and flowers in a variegated thread, the triangles around the edge are going to be butterflies also and the borders are loopy hearts. Morgen got to pick the patterns so I know she will be happy. So I will attach it tonight and start quilting as soon as I get off work.

Now on to a couple more tid bits! I love my children, I also adore my pets, we have 4 cats and a dog, The four cat goes something like this, Torrie belongs to Bambi and Jack, Morgen belongs to Mittens and I belong to Groucho (Cho for short) And the dog rules us all!

So Torrie and I are out in the quilting room the other day and Cho decides to join us well in typical cat fashion.....

Helping cut and iron, before the picture was taken we really were cutting and he was laying on the fabric and trying to grab the cutter, he is such a BIG help!

And then there is the Dog, Scoochy, my son, yes I actually call him my son! He is a precocious little thing, and a world class beggar.... Proof!

Torrie, having a bowl of pudding, now he does not ever actually stick his nose in the pudding nor sneak a bite, but he sure wanted to, he stood like that the entire time she was eating the pudding... now on to pizza

he started out sitting next to Stuart, by the time the pizza was gone, he has wormed his way all the way up Stuarts chest, and was resting almost chin to chin, what a mooch.

Scooch is also a major camera hog, the other day I whipped out the camera to nap a shot of something one of the girls were doing, and as soon as he heard the camera turn on he knew it was a photo op!

Nope, not spoiled a bit! Did I mention I love my dog!

Well, that's it for now, baby is crying, time to change a diaper :(~

So I will post a little bit later,

Thanks for stopping by.


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