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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Snowball & Pinwheel layout???


Well, I am still excited about the blocks I won, I have been asking questions about tea dying, if you know any thing about tea dying please let me know..

So I had this wonderful lady named Joyce suggest using a snowball block instead of a nine patch to go with the pin wheels, well, I am not sure... I broke out the lap top fired up EQ6, learned how to draw a block... I really really need to spend a weekend playing with that program I never did finish the book and I know I am missing on a whole lot... but I digress... so here is a rough look at the pinwheels and snowballs, now mind you the colors are not a match, but you kind of get the idea

Hmm, I will have to think on this one, and play around with "live" fabric to get a more real color sense. I think I will also draw up a quilt using the 9 patch just to see if I like it better, I almost feel the the snowball overwhelms the pinwheels.

Will check in later with the other sample.

Thanks for stopping by.


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