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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hi all, wow two posts in one day, this is unusual for me.

I was sitting on the couch this afternoon thinking about my Dad, I am so worried for him. My Mom either does not know what is wrong or will not say, all I know is weight loss, and more weight loss, He had surgery this last winter and they thought it helped for a while, but now Mom is saying he is going down hill fast. So between that and her cancer I am feeling a bit down.

You see, I have never been close with my parents, I love them, but my Mom made it pretty plain when I was small that she did not want me and resented me. I could go into a hundred different things said and done, but dredging up the past is not what I am about today. I have forgiven my Mom for the horrors of my childhood. I wish that we could have a closer relationship, I must say that given the powers of the Internet we have a better relationship now than we have ever and I do mean ever had before, we IM a couple of times a month!

Any how, I guess as I ramble along today my whole point of this blog is parents, love them or hate them, through all of the hurts and healing, years of not being involved, or if you are lucky having a close relationship.... whether you parent is alive or has passed, if you could tie a message to a balloon and send it on a puff of air what would you like to say to your Mom or Dad?

For me it is pretty easy....

Mom, I am sorry I was not the child you expected, but please can we be friends, it will never be to late for you to be a part of my live and most importantly to be grandmother to the girls. I love you.

Dad, I love you please don't go. Thank you for always being such a good Dad. You will always be.

Thank you for stopping by today,

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