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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Had a Wonderful Holiday Weekend, Oh and Check out This Tutorial!!!!

Hi All,
Well, School has finally started, Ahhh blessed silence! Some of you might know from reading earlier posts that I am a daycare provider by day and quilter by night! So summer time is my busy busy time, then when school starts most of my kids go to school, and I just have two little ones, currently I only have one here and she is (whispers) asleep!
So I have decided that I will catch up on my blog! I spent part of last weekend exploring other quilting blogs, WOW I am amazed at some of the beautiful quilts out there, I really really need to share one special blog, 2ndAvenueStudio owned by Rachel. She did a awesome tutorial for the new Hoffman Bali Pops (which I love) I purchased a pack, not exactly sure what I was going to to with them, but got a sweet deal so got them knowing I would use these beautiful 2 1/2 inch strips, had planned on a Bento box but then stumbled on Rachel's blog, So with out further ado, Link to the Bali Pop Tutorial 2ndAvenueStudio: Bali Pop Tutorial.
Now, I had the Bali Pop pack.
Then after a talk with my Mom about my Dad, Dad is not doing so well, it was decided by DH and I that I should take the girls over for a visit. So the plan emerged, leaving on the 19th of Sept, and visit over the weekend, so I figured that I could use the Bali Pops, and Rachel's quilt pattern for my Dad, planned it out, oh not big enough! Back to the store, another pack of fabric.

Then disaster strikes!!! OK so not really, but hubby did decide that this was the weekend to paint the outside of my sewing room, so painted all of Saturday and most of Sunday, finally got to start sewing Sunday night at 7 pm, sewed until midnight, then got up Monday, squared the blocks, sewed the quilt together, put it on the frame, and wouldn't you know it, my Babylock decided to act up. I did get about half of it quilted, and am pretty sure I have resolved my thread breakage issues with the Babylock, so hopefully I will be able to finish quilting it tonight, bind it Sew the binding together Thursday and bind it over the weekend. I will take a couple of pictures when it is done, I love this quilt, this one will be hard to give away.

So until I have pictures up, please check out Rachel's blog, I don't know her, but wish I did!
As always,
Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day

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